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Good To Be Good

What began as an informal initiative of friends donating essential goods for local shelters in lieu of birthday and Christmas gifts, soon transformed into my greatest accomplishment. Our grassroots non-profit has evolved into a platform where our “small yet mighty” acts of kindness can be turned into sustainable action; our personal responsibility turned into collective impact; and where our love for humanity is expressed practically and with empowerment by supporting women and those who need it the most.

In 2016, I sought out to create an inclusive, anti-oppressive, feminist-led, action-based aid organization anchored in an interconnected framework with the simple motivation of 'being of service' to others. I hoped, that with @goodtobegoodfoundation, we could fulfill our duty as compassionate and resilient human beings by directing our attention to every aspect of human suffering because our liberation is bound together. A duty to ensure we all do something to build a kinder, more just, equitable world that affords ALL people, including the protection of women's and girls' fundamental rights. And we could do this right now, as we are, with what we have.

Between 9 fundraising events to our 'UNDIVIDED' awareness and advocacy campaigns, our work has expanded, adjusted, grown, all the while responding year-round to the injustices that affect the historically marginalized and vulnerable groups on a grassroots level. Every donation has helped us provide hands-on, restorative support for those who have felt the effects of gender-based violence, abuse, social isolation, poverty, and inequality. As a BIPOC and woman-led, volunteer-powered organization, we’re able to serve directly and devote time to advocating for social justice issues important to us.

In the last 10 months, we amped up efforts to aid women and their families in our local communities. Our active Women's Relief Fund has raised critical funds and advocacy to improve conditions for women and their dependents who are disproportionately affected, experiencing economic insecurity and poverty; and who are rebuilding their lives from trauma, abuse, gender-based violence, exploitation, discrimination, and social marginalization. Without the continued support from our generous and caring community, we would not be able to do the work that we do. Donations have enabled us to provide over 1500+ new items to our partnered women’s shelters and agencies - including boxes of fresh and healthy produce, groceries, feminine products, basic care packages, and baby essentials. As well as financial support and rent supplements to several individuals and families experiencing the compounding effects of conflicts. Big or small, every impact matters and helps alleviate financial strain, hunger, domestic unrest, and social vulnerability. It means that the women we serve don't have to choose between security or basic living necessities - they can have access to the resources they deserve for healthy lives while also feeling supported every step of the way.

When we invest in women and girls, we know that the collective impact extends far beyond them - they create better lives for their families and their communities long-term. In order to overcome these inequalities, we must continue to prioritize their needs and fundamental human rights. We must envision societies in which a new, holistic humanity is always within reach. We must envision societies that nurture and prioritize equal well-being for all. We must envision societies that support the empowerment, liberty, and safety of every single woman and girl. ⁣

In an especially challenging year, I know I am surrounded by the benevolence and unity of those who are fighting the good fight. It is this working duty of responsibility and compassion that serve as our guides in responding to the vulnerable first, expeditiously.

I am inviting us to continue expanding our reflection of underlying systems and deeply-rooted issues as part of a collective work greater than ourselves. Every act of care lives beyond our means so let us not limit them to just one day. Together, with our everyday acts of love and unity, we can show up well for others and build a more peaceful, equal world that leaves no one behind. Hold fast to your vision of a peaceful world, dear friends.

Char San Pedro
Char San Pedro
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