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Girl, why don't you keep your chin up and fight

by Jane Oxley 2 months ago in activism
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Girls, no matter when, please have their own goals and efforts, do not take youth bet tomorrow

In college, we can often see female college students dressed in fashion and gorgeous, they are very beautiful and attractive; I also often see a lot of girls go karaoke, shopping, crazy play; More often than not, I see couples gathering together to talk and laugh. These beautiful scenes are enviable, but I don't want them to happen to me, especially since I'm a girl. Why emphasize this point? Because I see more struggling guys in study hall or the library.

When you are young, you should have a calm vision and perseverance. See the people around fall in love, see who went to KTV, see who stayed in the dormitory for a few days online. Then you lose your temper and wonder what you are working for, why others are at ease every day while I am alone and struggling. Especially when you're a girl?

Mother said that the happiest life for a woman is the one in which the level of life continues to rise. The most miserable women I have ever seen are those who were held in their hands when they were young, who failed to marry a good husband, who lost their youth in an instant, and who grew older and did not work hard when they were at their best. After that, the life will go all the way down, losing the biggest and only capital, but the whole life can not adapt to the situation and life without the hands of the people. In his 40s, he sells vegetables in a wet market. With his shaggy hair and dark yellow skin, he is so immersed in bargaining that he doesn't even notice his acquaintances passing by. So what if you were young and beautiful? This kind of woman is the most miserable kind of woman I have ever seen.

Girls in their early twenties are undoubtedly the best and most beautiful years. But most girls at this time are not clear about their lives. We don't know what we want, what we seek, and how to achieve happiness. Indeed, the most beautiful time if spent in love, comfortable every day, it will be one of the most beautiful memories, but after the good?

The kid in your 20s with nothing to lose. If he chose to fight, then over time, your eyes level parted slowly, when love fades, he to competent mature female colleague often, you don't scold him without conscience, enjoy the best time after you did not give you happiness, after all, life is not with moral and conscience to sustain.

If he chooses to have fun with you, that person in middle age, when you look back on your life and compare it with the people around you on different levels, will you regret that you dragged your lover down, or will you wonder if it was true love when you hear Shakespeare's "true love makes men rise up"? So ALSO ASK YOU NOT TO BE IN LATER when ECONOMY OF FIREWOOD RICE OIL salt IS pinched, THE FOREHEAD THAT POINTS TO HUSBAND scolds HIM greatly INCOMPETENT. You know, you deserve at least half the credit for this situation.

Girls, no matter what time, please have their own goals and efforts, do not take youth bet tomorrow.

I see a lot of girls, love before all have ambitious goals and pursuit, speech and behavior generous atmosphere, all kinds of ability not to let the man. After falling in love, I only see a boy behind the little girl, three words is her boyfriend, the whole life in the future around him in advance. You may say that women should show weakness, too strong, men will stay away. I would like to refute is that the premise of showing weakness is that you are strong, not in the greenhouse of love, like the frog is cooking more and more dependent. You are not a bird in a golden cage, to fly to find that they have not adapted to the cruel world outside. Moreover, if a girl with goals and dreams is called strong, then I would say that such a boy is too weak, he needs to use the girl's weakness to maintain his weak self-esteem.

In today's society, the status of women is still not very high, and there are very few women in politics, especially in the national administrative leadership; In the workplace, too, there are fewer women at the top. Why is that? Is it social prejudice against women? Not all of them. First of all, a lot of girls themselves think that don't work too hard, do big things is a boy's business. They are trapped by society's prejudices. Why can't they make a difference? Why do boys struggle and girls don't? I want to say to those who are struggling girls: do not doubt what is the effort for now, do not envy those who live easy and comfortable every day, just remember that you want to be willing to lonely, constantly struggle!


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