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Girl Problems: Beach Edition

Totally relatable, sis.

By Lyvia JackPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Being a girl is great at times, but then there are times where being a female is absolute hell. One of those specific times is at the beach. Throughout this ranty post, I will do nothing but complain about being a female while visiting the beach and be a relatable queen.

First things first, when you think about visiting the beach you're probably more than excited to take those cute beach pictures you see all the other girls post on Instagram and you can't wait. Then you get to the beach. If you're one of "those" girls like me, and you know the kind, the kind that's not girly no matter how hard they try and you always look like the odd one out in the group. If you're like me when you get to the beach and get ready to look cute and go get a tan, the wind throws your hair fifty different ways, it feels like someone just sprayed a mixture of hairspray and sugar water in your hair and it's a tangled, crazy mess. And don't get me started on the way the salty air makes your hair feel.

Let's not forget whenever you actually try to put your hair up into a cute little bun or ponytail so that it won't look insane from the wind and salt in the air and you end up looking like a homeless, wet cat. If only we all could look like perfect Instagram models the world would be a better place.

Now, of course, I can go on and on about how awful it is to be a girl, like how if it so happens to be that time of the month on vacation you feel like crawling into a hole and dying. There's almost nothing worse than going on vacation to the beach and then the dreaded Aunt Flow waltzes into town. Talk about a downer.

Some other problems more relatable for everyone are things like your beach towel flying up and getting sand all over you or even your umbrella (if you've brought your own) being picked up by the strong wind. Let us not forget that sand literally gets everywhere. It gets all over your body only to be completely washed off in the shower and then residing on the bottom of the tub, and it creeps its way into your crotch especially if you have been swimming in the ocean. That is definitely one thing I cannot stand about the sand is that it gets everywhere. You will even find it in your hotel room and your vehicle.

Although I have many complaints about the beach, I just can't stay away from there. Being at the beach is so peaceful and fun. There's nothing better than spending time with your friends, family, or significant other on a sandy beach somewhere. In reality, I love visiting there, but I hate how I can never look cute like other girls tend to.

Some other things that don't involve actually being on the beach but that involve those times when you head out to do some touristy things are trying to get all dressed up. Let's face it, we can't all look like we're some beauty gurus on YouTube and we don't all have the money for the good makeup and setting sprays. So, when and if you try to do some bomb makeup at the beach to go out and eat with your family it ends up melting off or turning out horribly wrong. Now that is truly a bummer.

The last "bad" thing I'll mention is tan lines. If you're like me and tan very easily, but also have previous tan lines from either tanning earlier that summer or whatever, you will eventually be faced with differing tan lines. Some of us like to switch up our suits at the beach and they may just so happen to be differently styled leading to opposing lines. One time, I had different lines for a whole year and had to be out double the time I wanted just to fix them.

After rambling on this long about how awful being a girl is (at the beach), I'll leave you with something good and maybe something you are looking forward to. There's some almost magical feeling about sticking your toes in the sand and even just walking on the beach. It will make you feel so in tune with the world and things around you. Don't forget while you're there to slow down and take in where you are and how blessed you are to be here.


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