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From Womanhood to Queendom

by Neferneferuaten about a year ago in beauty
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Queen NeferNefer

We met this photographer as we were leaving one of my fav restaurants in Santa Monica. Photo Credit : @Nuphotoz (follow him on Instagram)

Greetings! Life, prosperity and health to you. Spirit has put it on my heart to start sharing some of the stages that women go through towards being a Goddess. I will be writing about the stages and this is the very first of many. So let's hop right on topic...

On the journey of life, our focus should be to reach higher levels of consciousness. So there are some natural steps that we take during this journey towards enlightenment. We all start as infants, young girls then eventually we make our way to womanhood. Most women think this is where their growth ends. Mainly because the world told us that after we graduate college and settle into a career field, we are finished with our growth. Some women think the evolution stops after they get married or when they start a family. When in fact spiritually this is only the beginning of the rest of our lives. The truth is, a spiritual evolution to becoming a Goddess is something that happens in our minds, our hearts, and in our responses to others. So the journey continues, taking us from womanhood to Queendom.

Now being a Queen means that you have perfected your love, self-love, and love for nature. The love for nature is awakened through opening your heart chakra. The heart chakra opens you up to more than just romantic love but love for all forms of life. When you can love the tree that gives you oxygen, the sun for vitamin D, and the animals you began to understand what it really means to love. This heart chakra opening will also aid you in releasing fear because perfect love casts out all fear. So find time to meditate on the heart chakra and indulge yourself in matters of the heart. You can find heart chakra meditation music on iTunes or youtube. The more you listen to it every week you'll find yourself releasing low vibrations. Let go of grudges, anger, and resentment. Anything that will block your hearts energy center has to be released. Let go of grief, sadness and things that make you sad. You want your heart to be as light as a feather and trust me that takes time. So within 30-90 days of consistent work on this area of your life. People will begin to notice the Crown on your head.

The Queen stage of the journey is filled with beauty. Like a flower when it blooms all of a sudden, you'll be far prettier with a lot of love oozing from your aura. This is because self-love is the greatest love. You really start to glow different when you love your SELF fully. You are also able to love everything around you. Love affects how we speak, when we say things from a loving place our tone is different. You know how the saying goes "It's not what you say, it's how you say it". So boom, a key aspect of stepping fully in your Queen energy is perfecting love.

Now that you love you can begin to embrace what it means to be a divine feminine. Meaning girly, soft, charming, beautiful, and elegant. Remember there is a war against feminity and a war against masculinity right now. Get in your feminine energy by dressing like a lady and not a guy. C'mon enough wearing pants and blazers. Pop-out in that dress Sis! I'm NOT talking about a tight dress or mini dress either. Pop-out with all of the feminine energy, give us the long flowy dress that hits your calves or ankles. Give us color, give us life Queen! you are a walking dimension and when people look at you they are healed with your feminine presence and grace.

Now watch how the world responds to you when you're wearing that flowy dress. Look at how your feminine energy is allowing the men in your life to be in their masculine energy. Causing you to both be in harmony with the flow of life. It's really magical to see this transformation take place so keep it up! Transform everything around you. Together as women, we will influence the world around us by embracing our essence.

Word of the day:

Essence: the intrinsic nature or quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.

Stay tuned for more tips on the evolution towards embodying your Goddess energy. Peace, love, and light my sis STARS.


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My purpose is to empower you with words that will awaken your higher self. As a spiritual teacher and Goddess of Magick I will help you heal, evolve and break out of the matrix. Follow me I know the way...

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