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Freedom Dreaming

Why not dream of the world that we want?

By SAYHERNAME Morgan SankofaPublished 5 years ago 5 min read
Image via Black Feminist Pedagogies

I am tired of getting taught. Sometimes I just want to dream. Like who would we be if we didn't dream about how to make life more accessible, more inclusive, more possible for every crevice of our country? As we can see, the direction of our country is in a stuck place. Although we can be hopeful in 2020 that we get a President that is for humanity, and not just personal gain/profits, I find that it is ordinary people that really can keep us all in mind. Sometimes laws, books, and music are all good things. But that is too simple, I don't want to be given the lyrics, the formulas, the "ways that the world is supposed to be."

If I could dream a new world, babies would be born and given names of Gods and Goddesses. We could take from our African brothers and sisters and give names that speak of power, purpose, and good fortune. Brand name clothes, and gender-based clothes would make no sense. A radical idea would be why do we need clothes at all? If we learn how to love our bodies and not hide them, then we can leave shame behind, and feel natural in that. Why do we hide what is natural? Sometimes, when I see dogs in those tight dog booties, I see how their faces twitch with discomfort, and I feel the same way when I strap myself into a bra. I have always wondered what would have happened if Europeans never colonized America? How Native Americans could be thriving, not the most impoverished communities in our country. Maybe even if Native Americans could have a say in our governments today, would we not have to question whether a Green New Deal is necessary? It is a basic right that we should all have clean water and fresh food, and we should protect our Earth that keeps us alive—not just for big business' longevity.

I find that it is time to write a New Constitution for the year 2019. One written by women's hands, queer hands, or the descendants of slaves. I want to abide by laws created by the hands of people that were once homeless in the streets of DC, or by a McDonald's store manager in the middle of North Carolina, or by a mother who's child had to be locked up in prison for a crime of survival. If I could create a new country today, there would be communities that share, that do not need alarm systems and guns. I wonder what would happen if we didn't have to go and hunt? What would happen if we didn't treat our animals with hormones, or treat our grounds with chemicals? I find that in our country, humanity has always taken a backseat to financial gain or personal interest.

I want to see homes where everyone can live within their means, and babies grow up to know boundaries with each other. How about we teach self-esteem to kindergarteners, how to speak languages in first grade, or how to love our differences and not our high grades? I want to see children playing in recess again, all the way up through college in free play. Imagine if we could get naps in that full-time job, or time to go for a walk in nature to replenish ourselves, or a national week where phones were not necessary? I wish I could see an America where families came together to talk at the dinner table again, or where we played board games and communicated again. I remember when I was six, playing tag outside, reminiscent laughter and chuckling of myself as a free little girl. I wonder why those memories have faded so far away today? I wish that we could live in a place where we get to choose our passions to earn a living wage. What if I could sing, write books, be a spiritual healer, and earn $60,000 a year alone! How about we value our little girls and boys, and give them not trophies but hugs, free play, and a history lesson? How about we tell them the truth, so that they can be ready?

I want to see elders (the ones who have lived on the Earth the longest) in beautiful silk clothes, and in positions of power with rich communities of all ages. Isn't it such a beautiful sight to see a grandparent smile? I want to see their eyes light up when gifts are brought to them by children of their favorite music, books, or hobbies. If we didn't have to scramble for money and we could live in our passions, then we could spend more time taking quality time with our elders that took such good care of us.

On rainy days we could have off of work to build our gardens, go for nature walks, make hot tea, make love, or exercise. I wish that I could live in a world where privilege did not dictate success, where money did not dictate a life of bliss or of suffering and struggle. I want to live in a world where healthcare is a right because yes we are humans, and yes we get sick but this should not mean that we should worry about money while we should be worrying about recovery and healing.

I will tell a brief story. When I had my first surgery it was of the emergency kind. So, at every stage that I was moved, I had to worry about what it would cost to draw blood from my veins, what it would cost to stay in one location versus another, and the cost of the procedure, along with the cost on my physical body. So, if I could dream, healthcare would be free! How radical would that be to live and love in a more humane America? So, take some time to freedom dream—it definitely brought peace to me!

God bless and much love to my readers! <3


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