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filial piety

filial piety

By cessna worlowPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Chinese characters, is a naughty elf; Chinese characters, is a serious soldier, formed a disciplined army; Chinese characters, is a magic magician, always can bring us unexpected surprises; Chinese characters are "people", forming a huge kingdom of Chinese characters.

In life, there are Chinese characters everywhere, everywhere can not be separated from Chinese characters.

One night, I sat at my desk thinking, gradually, I can not resist the call of the sandman, fall asleep. Dream, the teacher is teaching us to spell "filial piety", understand "filial piety", learn "filial piety", do a filial piety, filial piety, filial piety, filial parents. The teacher also told a story that runs counter to "filial piety" -- once upon a time, there was a man who studied very well, but his family was very poor. When it rained, it rained heavily outside the house, and the house also rained "drip, drip, drip"; There was always hole after hole in the clothes; The parents collected trash to make ends meet and put their son through college. But since the son went to college, the cost has become like water, so that the family is not rich, become destitute, life is worse, the parents have no way, had to make money, and all this, the son in the university does not know. But on the girlfriend, food and drink piao gambling, everything to come, finally went astray. See poor parents on the street, but ignore them.

The teacher said: "' filial piety 'can be understood as, above is the old, below is the son, the son filial piety parents, elders, for filial piety, do not know filial piety, will not be a promising person. So we should keep the word 'filial piety' in mind."

Chinese characters are not only unique characters in the world, which contain significant meaning, as well as the truth of life. Chinese characters are not just words trapped in the grid, but the powerful power that lives in our hearts. Let us love Chinese characters, respect Chinese characters, inherit and carry forward the traditional virtue of "all good and filial piety first". composition

When I was in kindergarten class, I took part in a calligraphy class. The teacher who taught us was a humorous and kind teacher named Wu. At the end of each calligraphy class, Ms. Wu would tell us some stories about calligraphy, such as Wang Xizhi writing on her grandmother's fan; Wang Xizhi invented the floating goose hook.

At first, Mr. Wu asked us to practice writing "well"; And from the Chinese character "Zhong" written in a variety of ways to choose their favorite font. According to our choice of the teacher for us to determine the calligraphy font, I chose the Zhang Qian tablet, the teacher said: "your personality is sincere and simple, suitable for writing Zhang Qian tablet." -- Ah! Do Chinese characters have something to do with people's personalities?

Two years later, we followed Mr. Wu to the downtown "Da Infinity" school and had more opportunities to learn Chinese characters. For example, "big infinite school newspaper" on the "Chinese character search", the same word, different fonts look different, really interesting ah! Every time I practice Chinese characters, I will pay attention to the shape, size, stroke thickness changes, and so on, behind each word seems to have an interesting story.

With unremitting efforts, my calligraphy performance has been improving. I participated in the 20th China-France-Malaysia Calligraphy Competition for World Peace in 2014 and won the gold medal. I was ecstatic! When I am wearing the gold medal and holding the trophy, I love calligraphy and Chinese characters even more!

The New Year is coming, I wrote some Spring Festival couplets on red paper and gave them to my relatives and friends; I also wrote a "fu" word, sent to the community security uncle, he was very happy, repeatedly said: "a prosperous New Year. Thank you, little friend!" With that, he pasted the word "Fu" on the door of the security office. Looking at the red "Fu" word, my heart happy flowers!

I like Chinese characters, because it is the crystallization of the wisdom of our Chinese nation. I like calligraphy, it can let me pass more happiness to others.

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