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Empowering Women-Then and Now

Always Praise and Lift Each Other Up

Empowering Women-Then and Now
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Success is having visions and goals, then achieving them.Women have come so far in the world. We finally believe that success is possible and are recognized for it as well. Women before us proved how possible that women are courageous and can do anything.

The first person that comes to mind when I think of these women is Rosa Parks. She taught all of us what being a strong woman is. She’d had enough, and stood her ground. She did it for herself and others. Little did she know; she was history in the making.

Obviously, fear was never in her mind. I’m sure she was scared of the unknown, but knew she had to make a change. Maya Angelou said something that backs up how Miss Parks was thinking.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” I wish that women today had seen her quote when they were young, including myself. Many women are ignorant and do not think before they speak. A wise doctor that I worked for years ago, told me something that I’ve never forgotten. I was in my early twenties, and Dr. Thompson believed in me and my success. He said, “You are in control, until you open your mouth.” I didn’t know what he meant and thought I was in trouble. He told me that whenever I’m being asked anything I need to stop and think. It is not imperative to answer someone immediately. When we stop and think, we can be more confident in how we answer.

The women I have mentioned, and many more, are strong and confident. All women are, they just need to realize the power they have.

I was inspired today by a Vocal writer. Millie Diaz is featured as a staff pick. I encourage you to read her story. She is a prime example of how women can be anything they want to be. Like many, her mother was a great inspiration and example

We listen to people we love and/or admire. Often times that person is our mother. Think of it like this; your mother or the person you look at like a mother, has more experience with life events. Listen to their advice so you don’t reinvent the wheel.

Although we feel in control when we make our own choices, sometimes we need to just listen. Listening is learning. Learning then becomes empowering. When we feel empowered, we attract positive energy. Positive energy also attracts people to us. The laws of attraction really make sense.

As Dr. Judith Orloff explains, “we attract who we are.” Our values come into play here. When people see that you are compassionate, it’s a positive thing. People look at our attitude and behavior. If we are trying to get people to see that change is good, we need to show positive behaviors.

When we see that another woman is successful, praise that. Don’t be jealous, be proud of them. We have to stick together and show everyone how powerful women are. Being the example, people will eventually grasp the concept.

Women need to show they are strong mentally in order to get our point across. We should not compare ourselves to others. Maybe in your head we can, but just for a second, be yourself so you don’t attract negative energy. Mentally strong women do not doubt themselves. We know in order for something to be done we have to be strong enough to do it. When we implement change, we can’t doubt anything. People will see our strength. One of the last points, we don’t blame. If something we are working on fails, don’t blame yourself or others. Strong women come up with a new plan and move forward.

We are women hear us roar!

Never forget where you came from and where we as women are going. We can do anything! Some powerful women are before us and with us now. We have to keep it up. Know who you are, build yourself and others up. Always remember you are strong.

Learn from every woman you encounter. Learn from powerful quotes. Learning will help you to become stronger than you already are.

Melonie S Shelton
Melonie S Shelton
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