Bitch VS Boss

The Line that Women Walk

Bitch VS Boss
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Women are bitches and not bosses. That is the patriarch. It is oppression of women on a societal scale. Roles conditioned by demographics like: finances, education, culture, family. As a mother, I want more for my girls. I want them to know that you, a woman, can absolutely run your world.

The traits that are in children to be independent do not vary from one sex to the other. What does change from one sex to the other is the adjective that is used to describe the behavior. If a man is upset, he will raise his voice, wag his finger, or make a dig at you and laugh it off. He is just fine in doing this. Now if a woman were to do the same things, she is nagging, becoming hysterical, or she can be asked if she is PMSing. Same behavior, different adjective. This is the type of hypocrisy and double standard that most women experience. The man is the head of the household is what lots of people have heard. That is true in some cases, but what about women who don't want a man?

We, as women, are overlooked for our capabilities in handling our business. Some of us will air the dirty laundry on social media and that isn't very tasteful. Some of us will complain to friends, ask for advice and be told "that's just the way it is." Some are willing to stand for themselves and question it. Why is it this way? Who said that it should stay this way? Collectively women are conditioned from an early age to find a mate and settle down. Some cultures it is forced upon women with no say in the matter at all. Being a woman that will stand and ask the questions, you will absolutely be targeted and attacked for it. Questions to your intelligence, judgment of your lifestyle choices, and possible threats of violence are what women are bombarded with if they keep asking questions.

If you are one of those women that question, I would like to introduce you to your new nickname: Bitch. There it is. The word that is thrown in our faces from teenage years until we are laid to rest. If we get out of line, we are chastised and called a bitch. In every argument that devolves, we are called that. Wear that name like it has always been yours. Do not let it get under your skin. Give that name no more power than you would 'sweetheart' or 'darling'. It's all condescension anyway.

Now, Boss Bitch is a term that I have heard used a lot. I agree with the sentiment, but truly I do not want to call myself a dog. I want to see the transition where the second word is eliminated and we, as women, can simply be boss. According to's first entry: "A person who knows what he or she wants, knows how to get what he wants, and gets it when he wants." It started out with it being a person, then simply devolved into he. The author meant to always include women, honest. Maybe it was simply an oversite; maybe it was intentional. The point is that it is happening everywhere and it needs to stop.

Women who run their lives successfully are to be celebrated and called boss. Women who are in the world accomplishing feats and making progress in fields that are traditionally male-dominated are especially boss, to me anyway. Women all around the world are capable of these things when they are given the right tools and resources to make it happen for themselves. I want to see the societal boundaries dropped and eliminated so that every person has the chance to be boss, whatever that looks like for them.

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