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Birth Control

by Brianna McCormick 2 years ago in product review

It's really different for every body, but here's my experience with all kinds of birth control.

I first started taking birth control because my periods were so heavy and long. I started with the pill, I think it worked for awhile but I always forgot to take my pill so it just wasn't the right one for me.

I would only recommend the pill if you want to lighten your period or need help regulating another birth control (like the bar.) The pill only lasted me about 5 months before I gave up on it. The second birth control I tried, was the shot.

There was a Teen Health center in my school, every 3 months I went in to get my shot. I had this for 2 years. The only downfalls were I did get some pretty bad acne & bumps in my face, and I gained so much weight. I definitely could have kept the weight off if I worked out, but I was so busy with school, church and my day-day life it just wasn't a part of my routine. I didn't get my periods, just light spotting. Even the spotting was only maybe 5 times in two years.

After 2 years of the shot, my nurse told me I should think about switching birth controls. It's recommended that after 2 years of the same birth control (unless yours lasts longer of course, like the IUD) you switch it. After the shot I got the bar... I don't even know why I got the bar.

I heard nothing but bad reviews about it. Weight gain, mood swings, bad periods, etc... I kept it for about 2 years! I don't even know why I kept it because it wasn't helpful! At first it was fine and I didn't understand the bad reviews... I didn't have my period until about 6 months into it, after that it was just downhill.

I had worse cramps, bled literally every other week, I was moody towards everyone, it was not worth it! Once I got it out, I got the IUD. Let me tell you now, get someone to drive you home after!!!

They asked me to stay awhile as I would start to feel dizzy, I insisted I was fine and I left. While I was driving home I could not stop crying, it felt like I was spinning and I couldn't see straight. I made it about 5 miles and picked up my boyfriend to drive me the rest of the way. I got the IUD in 2018 and I haven't had too bad of an experience with it so far.

Although, I have noticed the hormones make me moody. Sometimes I feel so emotional and I can't contain it. But it's nothing I can't handle. Lately I've been thinking of giving up birth control because the whole concept isn't fair. I don't want kids yet, but I also don't want to be an emotional wreck! It seems like I have to pick and choose between the two, so I stay with the birth control since I'm only 20 and I'm not thinking of having my own kids yet.

I hope my experiences with these few birth controls can help you decide what to do. I do not recommend the bar what so ever, keep in mind no choice is exactly fair and each one will treat your body differently than it did mine.

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product review

Brianna McCormick

I live in Juneau, Alaska!

I love helping others through what I've been through, it makes it all worth it. Sharing my stories and experiences is what I am in this for. I'm only 20 so I got a lot of future stories to share!

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