Being a Woman

by LeAnn Murch 25 days ago in gender roles

One day we will rule this world

Being a Woman

Being a woman sucks, plain and fucking simple. Times have changed but not enough. Women are still the minority in this world. It goes men, children, the elderly, animals and then women. We come fucking last always, no matter what. This world is cruel and not made to have women in power.

Women can't go anywhere without having some type of fear in their hearts. In constant fear that some man is going to grab us and hurts us. Some animal is gonna jump out and attack us. We walk around with pepper spray, tasers and fucking tape whistles. Do you ever see any man with a cute fucking pepper spray key chain, no the fuck you don't and you wanna know why? Because men don't fear shit. They walk around like they own this world, why because society and history proves that they're in charge.

Let's face it men are more powerful than us, they're physically stronger, they're more respected in any aspect of this world. They're above us no matter how you look at it we always come after them. Men aren't walking around scared that some female is gonna grab them and rape them. They're not afraid if some dog comes at them and tries to bit them. They don't fear shit like us women do.

When a woman gets put into a high position she's constantly wondering if someone better will come along and take it. Men don't fear to lose their jobs. Less than 5% of CEOs are women, only 5 fucking percent, a few years ago it was 8%. You see women have to worry about losing their powerful jobs because society says men can do it better. We as women have to work 10 times as hard as men to just prove we can stand in the same league as them. Not play but stand on the sidelines, and once they're desperate or feel like making a change that's when they decide to give us a try.

We still live in a world where men want their women cooking and cleaning even though they work just as many hours if not more than their spouses. I work 70 hours a week and people make fun saying I'll never keep a man because I'm not up making his lunch before he heads off to his 8 hour job. While my ass goes and works 12 hours I'm still looked at to doing the fucking cooking. I'm not considered a good woman because I'm not at home cooking and cleaning up after my man. I get talked down to and called a lesbian because I have short hair and wear gym clothes on the regular and a lot of the time I don't wear make up so I'm not womanly. Yet men are allowed to grow their hair super long and wear jeans tighter than ours. They can sing super sad love songs and talk about crying and heartbreak but I say fuck too many times and I'm considered unladylike.

Men can do whatever the fuck they want but we still have to follow some unspoken, 1800th century guidelines that make absolutely no fucking sense and nobody bats an eyelash about it. They say "it is what it is" as if that makes it ok.

Women can't talk about farting or taking a shit but men can belch right in your face and everyone acts like its fucking normal. Men can talk about their sex lives as if it's normal dinner talk but god forbid a woman speak on sex she's a whore stay away from her. Men can have an opinion on anything and everything but if we chime in, it's just silly banter.

Men control whether or not we can have abortions. They control how much money we make and whether or not we're allowed to fight on the front lines. It'd be a nightmare if a woman outshined a man on the battle field.

If women would stop being so fucking afraid of men we would be the ones controlling this world. If we stood up to the mass majority we could take over everything. But women shut their brains off, they turn their thinking caps off because they're afraid if they open their mouths and spoke the truth they'd be punished for it. Who the fuck is going to punish us, the men, not if we banned together. All it fucking takes is for every women to swear off sex for an entire week and the whole world would go to shit. They'd fucking bow down to us. Pussy is fucking power but most women don't believe it because it's a woman saying it not a man.

I pray for the day women start to realize how fucking amazing and powerful we really are. Without us men wouldn't survive and they know that, that's why they say and do the shit they do to keep us down. They're afraid of us they'll just never admit it. One day we won't leave the house terrified for our safety. One day we'll walk past a group of men and they'll smile out of respect not out of lust. One day we will take over, I just pray its during my life time so I get to see it all unfold. One day my beautiful queens, we will rise up!

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LeAnn Murch
LeAnn Murch
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