Beauty and Makeup

by Bazal Morani 25 days ago in beauty

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Beauty and Makeup

For those of you who don't know, I am currently working with Queens and Future Queens (a non-profit organization determined to assist young girls in becoming future leaders through mentorship programs consisting of female CEOs, CFOs, etc. of big companies as well as inspirational speakers, artist, etc.) to create an event called Champions for Change Leadership Awards 2020. Now one of the things I needed to do was find empowering music for women to feature at the event and I found one song that really made me think. The song is "Strip" by Little Mix.

I have heard quite a few empowering songs and I listen to them quite often, but for some reason this one really got me thinking. Society places so much value on image that we as women forget that we're beautiful and we forget that it is who we are on the inside that counts. You could look like a Goddess but if you're ugly on the inside, you're still ugly. Now the song discusses taking off your make up and loving your body for what it is and I realized that as confident as I am, I too feel uncomfortable with my body because of all the body shamming I have dealt with and continue to deal with in my life. So on that basis let's talk about beauty and make up!

Make up is used by women (and some men) to disguise imperfections to build confidence and bury insecurities. We have, over time, been convinced by media outlets that we are not beautiful without make up, that we need it to be admired and loved by others, and that without it we are not truly women. Unfortunately, this creates an epidemic of depression, lack of self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence for women. But you see that is exactly what they want. They want us to feel bad about ourselves so that we are never able to reach our full potential. Luckily with this new era of women empowerment movements, we are starting to break past those barriers and find our true selves and men are finally having to live up to our expectations rather than the other way around. Fifth Harmony, Meghan Trainor, Little Mix, and quite a few other women artist are making noise about self love and self-respect for women, and it is setting out waves. We don't need make up to feel beautiful, we need a kind heart, a loving nature, a positive mindset, and a determined heart to be beautiful and most women... we are already gorgeous while others are well on their way to getting there.

When you talk about make up you think of beauty, but there is so much body shamming that goes along with it that tears you apart internally. How many women look in the mirror and see their body and start counting all the things they wish they could change about it? Almost all of us if not all of us? Even models and actresses tend to be self conscious when it comes to body types because we are constantly having people pointing out the flaws. But the truth is it doesn't matter what your body looks like, it doesn't matter whether you're pear shape, hour glass shape, apple shape or what have you. What matters is that you love yourself regardless. You were made the way you are for a reason and you are PERFECT just the way you are. Be healthy, be kind, be empowered! But don't let others tell you who you are based on your looks. Love yourself and remember that you are PERFECT, so the next time you look in the mirror, be confident in your beauty and as little mix would say don't be afraid to "strip"!

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A strong believer in women's rights, I have joined with Queens and Future Queens to empower the women in our community. Professionally, I am a business consultant with a background in education. I love to empower and inspire.

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