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By Lisa DayPublished 15 days ago 3 min read

Chinese characters, I see it every day. It is also my good friend and I had many interesting stories with it when I was growing up.

When I was young, I particularly liked Chinese characters. Every time I finished painting, I would pick up a pen and write my name on the picture. At that time I was too small, can only write "big", "small", "people" and so on a few very simple words. Sometimes I write "little adult" on the paper. I didn't write my name until I graduated from kindergarten.

After primary school, I once accidentally wrote "cock" in the composition "chicken", "hen" written "per chicken".

Although these are just careless mistakes, but let me respect Chinese characters, let me feel that Chinese characters are so magical, interesting, it is because of the interesting Chinese characters, I also love to write compositions.

In the process of reading, I also had some interesting stories with Chinese characters. Remember once, during the Olympic Games, when the TV screen appeared "proud" two big words, I naively pointed to the two words to my father proudly said: "white elephant!" Before I knew it, my father burst out laughing. I later learned that it was the word "proud."

Chinese characters are so interesting, shape close character, shape sound character, homophone...... The reason why I like Chinese characters, because of its changes, its strange, its appearance, they are like a little elf, so interesting, so lively. I feel honored and proud to be Chinese. Because, we China has a unique - that is Chinese characters. In the company of Chinese characters, I live happily every day.

This is my story with Chinese characters.

A thousand words, wood word waist, the sun comes out from below, everyone says it tastes good. Mystery answer: Incense. Chinese characters are extensive and profound. Look at this is a puzzle made up according to the structure of the word "incense". Today we will not talk about anagrams, but let's talk about the story between me and Chinese characters.

One day, after school in the afternoon, Mr. Xiao stood on the platform and said loudly: "Today's homework is to preview lesson 13." The teacher finished and the school was dismissed. Back home, open the bag, take out the exercise book, began to write quickly, I looked at the Chinese book of words, one by one copy them on the exercise book, they like lively and lovely children, step by step jumped to the book, with his eyes looking at me, too cute.

The next day, came to school. Back to the class, the homework to the teacher, the teacher sat on the platform seriously really change the homework, the teacher one by one called the wrong words of the students up, suddenly, the teacher called me loudly, which let me know that the big thing is not good, the teacher pointed to me this "true" word, the teacher kindly told me, which is three horizontal, not two horizontal, yesterday we are in the book, on the, you didn't write? Go to get the Chinese book to me, I took the Chinese book to the teacher to see, by the way, the book wrote, why not remember? Go and copy it twenty times. I returned to the seat, the "true" word a copy on the book, the "true" word less a cross, like a person without a bone, this word how sad ah! This is the story of me and Chinese characters, we must remember that "true" is three horizontal, not two horizontal, if less a horizontal, he should be more sad more pain ah!

In the future, I will study Chinese characters carefully and master them well.


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