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A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating An Aquarius Woman

*Disclaimer: Aquarius woman will march to the beat of her own drum and may start a revolution.

By Fiona Teddy-JimohPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating An Aquarius Woman
Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Jennifer Aniston, Maya Harris, Elizabeth Olsen, Toni Morrison, me.

These are but a snippet from the multitude of incredible Aquarius women who have blessed mankind to date. If you’re reading this, then it is safe to say that you’re interested in creating your very own Aquarius woman.

Personally, I was sculptured in the heavens through the means of ancient astrological disciplines. However, we have since been graced with the gift of modern technology and in exchange for some raw materials, clever craftsmanship, and construction time between the 20th of January to the 18th of February, you too can create your very own Aquarius woman.

*Disclaimer: Aquarius woman will march to the beat of her own drum and may start a revolution.

Required Materials

🏺 1 extremely large pottery vase

🔮 1 amethyst crystal

🌊 47 litres of water

⚖️ 1 generous spoonful of social justice

💫 2-in-1 intellect and intuition premix

🎭 A dash of unconventional

🕯 A bunch of stuff that smells divine

🎤 A heap of motivation

🧥 Next year’s fashion to taste

Additional Recommendation

🥽 Safety goggles

4️⃣ The number four

Step One: Ask yourself, “Do I want to do this?”

If you’re looking for open-mindedness, unconventional love, and a far-sighted free spirit, then the answer is yes! Aquarius women are quick-thinkers, deep-feelers, complicated healers and devoted dreamers. Loved by many and confusing to some, Aquarius women are extraordinary individuals that will leave unforgettable impressions to all that meet us.

Step Two: Aligning The Soul

Place the amethyst crystal in the pottery vase and give it a thorough mix. As amethyst is the birthstone that resonates with the soul of all Aquarians, it is important to take your time during this stage so that it aligns correctly with either the dutiful planetary ruler Saturn or the rebellious planetary ruler Uranus.

Depending on which rulers’ desire is stronger at the time of alignment, it will directly influence your Aquarius woman’s core behaviours and values. At the time of my creation, my soul aligned with Uranus and so I am by nature a quirky and chaotically idealistic individual. These are the usual expectations of today’s Aquarius women. However, you may find that at times, an Aquarian’s soul aligns with Saturn instead, thus encouraging constructive, pragmatic, and resilient behaviours. Both instances are a win-win situation.

Step Three: Igniting The Mind

After you have thoroughly mixed the amethyst, gently pour in the water and the 2-in-1 intellect and intuition premix. Allow the premix to dissolve and bring the solution to boil at 37°C (98.6°F).

I, as is the case with all Aquarius women are as intellectual as we are intuitive. While Aquarius women are able to make sensible decisions using logic and reason in order to direct matters regarding education, finance, and career, it is also known that Aquarius women bear a delicate balance of emotional intelligence and a sixth sense in eliciting, acting, and reacting towards wordless environments. Aquarius women have a powerful ability using their intuition to engineer and govern circumstances without the need of conscious thought.

Step Four: Inspiring The Heart

Next, sieve one generous spoonful of social justice, ensuring there are no lumps. As Aquarius women seek equality for every single human being on this planet, it is important that social justice is distributed equally in the solution.

There are many creative and practical ways your Aquarius woman will encourage and inspire social justice. For example, I regularly attend peaceful protests, encourage workshops for equality, and do whatever I can assist charities that strive to better the lives of anyone in need. It is a beautiful and necessary element of any Aquarius woman.

Bonus Step: Lucky Number Four

If you have the number four in your vicinity, then this is the time to add it to your solution! The number four is the luckiest number for all Aquarians. Whether it be a number to add for a lottery ticket, counting to four before making a decision, or being the fourth caller on some radio competition, the number four has brought about lucky fortune for me and it will for any Aquarian.

Step Five: Encouraging Sexuality

Grab as many candles, incense sticks, and anything else that smells out of this world and chuck it fiercely into the pottery vase. The type of smellies you add will reflect in the scents that will most excite the Aquarius woman in the bedroom.

By nature, Aquarius women are the most dispassionate sexual partners. This is not to say that they are cold-stoned lovers that will leave you heartbroken; rather Aquarius women are known to be challenging to excite without the correct stimulation. While certain scented aphrodisiacs will assist in getting their mood going, it is also important to note that nothing turns on an Aquarius woman more than deep and meaningful discussion - I know that this does the trick for me!

Step Six: Applying The Strength

Now that your Aquarius woman solution is nearing completion, scoop a heap of motivation into the pottery vase and stir until it becomes a hearty consistency. If you have goggles, put them on now, add a dash of unconventional, stand back and watch your solution splash wildly.

An Aquarius woman's key strength is motivation for the greater good. When I was younger, it was often suggestion that I should become a motivational speaker. Reason being, day or night, whenever anyone needed it, I would enthusiastically flare my hands up to sky and provide inspirational speeches to friends, family and strangers in the hope that I would positively encourage their endeavours. Additionally, I provided motivation in many quirky forms, whether it be through spontaneous song and dance, comic strips with cute doodles, or some erratic long-winded analogy. I found my own unconventional ways to motivate the spirts of others - it will be the same for your Aquarius woman too.

Step Seven: Final Flavouring

Finally, knead next year’s fashion for taste. Aquarius women are trend-setters and march to the beat of their own drum. If you ever find an Aquarius woman who follows fads let me know, because to the best of my knowledge, this trait simply does not exist for us.

Step Eight: Let Your Aquarius Woman Rise

Now that you have mixed all the required materials together, take the pottery vase and place it outside where the cool winter air will stimulate the solution to rise. As air is the Aquarians’ fixed element, it means that the Aquarius woman will emerge as a loyal, charismatic, and kind humanitarian.

However, for the same reason that your Aquarian woman has a fixed elemental sign, she will also emerge stubborn and will simply do as she pleases. This means that there is a good chance that you may never see her again after she rises, but take solace that she is highly independent, determined, and robust, and will use her traits to better the world for all who resides in it.

Final Food for Thought

As an Aquarius woman, I can say with confidence that we are the salt of the earth. While we are far from perfect, we strive to change social paradigms for the better, motivate our family, friends, colleagues, and strangers towards success, and use our intellect and intuition to create our own weird and wonderful realities.

Represented as the water bearer, we pour justice, knowledge, and excitement into the world with resolve and a smile.

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