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A Housewife

Ungrateful Job

By Suraksha SeetharamaPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

While growing up anyone asked me what my mother did it was an easy answer, "Nothing, she is a housewife." It never occurred to me then she wanted to be more than just that, and it is a sacrifice someone chooses to be the caretaker of the family. I thought the role of a housewife is to cook which could be done in one hour and sleep any time of the day. I dreamt of becoming one someday. Despite my mother's best efforts of telling me how important it is to have a job and be independent, my mind was made up—I want to become a housewife.

In my early twenties, I got a good secure job. My parents were more thrilled than I was. I knew I would have to leave the job someday t become a housewife because that's what I will really be good at. Gradually I started getting really good at my job, no one questioned my earnings or expenses, I was living someone's dream, not mine. After five years in my job, I found this wonderful guy, fell in love and got married. He lived abroad. I was excited mainly because the man I was marrying was exactly what I hoped for, secondly, I would finally have to leave my job and become a housewife. I even promised my husband I will be the best housewife and convinced my parents how this is what I am meant to be after all.

When I arrived at our new home, the house was better than perfect, an unknown place but beautiful nonetheless. First few days were as though I was on a vacation. Still learning about my new house. In few days I started to cook, I wanted to impress my new husband with my culinary skills. But as months passed, I had established a routine. Month after month nothing changed in the routine. Being a housewife was all about cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes, the laundry, making sure everything was available at home, not spending a lot of money unnecessarily and many more activities so that the other members at home lived as conveniently as they could. Sleeping was an option but that's the last thing you want to do as there is enough work even around a small house. In other few months, this monotonous routine got very frustrating to me. I was not paid, no one notices the hard work you put into cleaning the mirrors and glasses of the house or even the difference when they left the house and when they are back. Yet you got to do it day in and day out. When I finally asked for the due appreciation I was told, our moms have been doing this since before you were born did you ever appreciate her? It was then I remembered why my parents were so persistent for me to complete my education and find a paying job. You are rewarded in a workplace, at least in the form of salary. But a housewife is an ungrateful job. No one thinks you deserve the credit no matter how talented or good you are at giving your family the comfort they deserve.

A housewife is someone who is very selfless, caring and expects nothing in return. I, for a fact, know that I am not meant to be a housewife, not at least yet and will be getting a job soon. For all the proud and happy housewives out there huge round of applause to you, and to the rest of you if you know a housewife among you lets make it a practice to appreciate their efforts.


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  • Mark vetter4 months ago

    No reason to be a housewife without kids. Here in the USA i can pay my wife social security for being a housewife. I am also appreciative. Thank her for doing the wash, cooking, everything. Every day.

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