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By Ankitha AdapaPublished 19 days ago 3 min read
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I am a girl child who belongs to South India. I don’t know about other countries but in our country we will have some strict traditions and customs. That was the day when I got my first period. I still remember that day, that is why people say that we won’t forget the days which are very sorrowful. So, I got my period when I was in my School hours and one of my friends caught me bleeding. After sometime I got to know that I got my first period and it was obvious in any woman's life. My parents took me home to perform some rituals and everything got well and good. We usually get periods after every month, So, when I got my next period, I as usual came from school and told my mom that i have got my second period.She immediately took me out of the house and said that you should not come directly into the house. I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!! After the second month I got to know that OKAY! I should follow some rituals to live in this house LOL!!!

And there is also a thing we should not touch anyone and anything in the house. It made me think deeply about this problem. There are so many in our country who have this problem. Basically we go through so much pain during our periods and this pain in our houses is more dreadful. Till today I was not allowed to touch anyone or anything during my periods. This

has drastically changed in many regions but still some regions are facing these issues. Girls follow this without fail because they don’t want to hurt their parents. But they don’t know that they are affecting themselves mentally by following this. It is ok to follow the rituals but there will be a limit to follow. Yes I agree with this that people in olden days used to follow this and there is also a reason to follow. In those days people were not used to having sanitary pads or being hygienic. Because of that they were not allowed to touch anyone or enter into any temples. But this generation has each and every facility but they keep on following blindly without knowing the truth. I don’t think that I was wrong in understanding them, because these are foolish thoughts which are followed by people in South India. I agree with this that most of the people changed and understood the problems which the girl child is facing. I am really happy for those people because at least they understood and I hope that everyone should change their mind and let their girl child live freely even on her periods!!! I am worried that what if this continues through generations? The people who are educated can understand the problem and can come out of it but what if the uneducated people still continue this. I hope that should not be continued. Not only this, a girl child faces so many problems which a man doesn't. A girl does each and everything for her family but in return she gets nothing but humiliation. A girl can face any situation with confidence in her life but a man doesn’t. A man (can be anyone, brother, father, husband) can scold or do whatever they want but when we do the same thing in return that will be a huge mistake which we made in our lives. So this is what happens with us!!! A man can humiliate a woman however he wants to but a woman shouldn’t.


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