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A Bra that revolutionized travel, One woman at a time

The Travel Bra Company has created an innovative Bra to keep your valuables close and safe

By CJ WeeksPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

There are things people always warn you about; Watch your pockets and keep your bags close, watch your drinks, and even more common watch going anywhere alone. You always hear horror stories about pickpockets and having things stolen during travel; sadly, I have been a victim of such crimes.

Photographer: Vladimir Vitek

While I watch my drink, no matter where in the world I go, when I am at home, being pickpocket is not something I worry about, but being in Madrid, I found myself as the victim of a pickpocket for the first time. Luckily all that was stolen was a pair of prescription sunglasses. I was lucky enough to have all my more valuable items closer to my person. I was lucky enough to come across this nifty clothing piece in my travels that has kept my passport, credit cards, and cash safe. Whether you are backpacking through Europe or taking a quick trip from Beijing to Shanghai, the Travel Bra is simply a must for any woman.

They were founded in 2014 by anthropologist Annie Holden, who teamed up with professional bra designer Brenda Barnett to meet the needs of many women traveling around the world. They understood the trouble of going places with no ATMs, hotels with no safes, and money belts or bum bags' frustrations. Being a solo female traveler, Annie Holden came up with the idea of The Travel Bra during her travels to very remote places where sometimes hotels were not even available. Holden states, "I created The Travel Bra™ because I wanted to buy one and couldn't."

After gathering a team of designers, Annie's idea became successfully patented, and new variations of The Travel Bra started to be explored. In 2017, The Travel Bra became the recipient of the coveted Gold Award in Fashion, Apparel, and Design awarded by the Italian A'Design Awards international panel of jurors. This award is for fashion designs that, among other categories, are considered for their degree of innovation, aesthetic qualities, choice of materials and fabric, realization techniques, and sustainability criteria.

Made with organic cotton and bamboo, the racerback design features many storage areas for cards, cash, jewelry, a USB stick, and even your passport. With no scratchy labels, rings, or hook and eye closures digging into you, this bra is by far my most comfortable and supportive bra. The fabric is wickable and breathable so that you can go a few days without washing, and it won't smell. This makes it perfect for backpacking when washing your clothes is not always an option.

I love this bra so much I use it even when I am not traveling. It is excellent for even the gym. I can carry my phone, iPod, cash, and key all on me and not have to worry about a gym bag or what might get stolen out of the locker or cubby. With the creation of the Travel Trunks, Beach Bra, and other variations, there is something for every woman.

This great innovation has made traveling more comfortable, knowing my valuables are close at hand and in no threat of being stolen. With more products lined up, I can't wait to try out their travel knickers and beach travel bra. They even have travel trunks for men and women. Choose from a range of designs, including the original Organic Cotton and Bamboo Travel Bra, The Ultra-Light Travel Bra, and The Beach Travel Bra. They have also added the bamboo racer-back Comfort Handee Travel Bra for breast cancer heroines that can hold prosthetics in place. All are sized all the way to an XXXL.

For more information or to shop through their line, check out The Travel Company on its different social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and their web page.


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