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5 Things I Love About Myself.

by Relevance 5 months ago in beauty
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I am not perfect, but perfectly made.

MARCH 2022

I wasn't always the most confident. I struggled just like every other young girl does when she starts to realize that her body grew a little bit faster than her understanding, and her perspective on life moved faster than what was happening around her. I was mature on accident but I experienced traumatizing things on purpose. I put myself into situations that I had no business being in. I am now very different. Yes, the things that happened to me, changed me and I can never go back but I choose to leave it in the past and focus on the present. Here are the 5 things that I love about myself:

1. My sense of humor

2. My smile

3. My personality

4. My eyes

5. My strength

My sense of humor is hereditary, down to my hyena laugh. It all makes me who I am. I radiate sunshine and my smile is contagious. I have the ability to be playful and take a joke no matter the severity. In being in different relationships and understanding the things I want and don't want, I found that my being and who I am is unique to me. Molded and shaped by a perfect creator. I am not perfect, but perfectly made. No one on this planet can be me and I cannot be anyone else.

My personality is unmatched and cannot be replaced. I have the ability to relate to any given situation because I understand that although we all feel, in many ways what we experience has one common denominator, which depends on circumstance. In sharing common denominators with people I can put myself in there shoes and personalize our conversations with compassion responses and empathic reasoning (if necessary). An example is hurt or pain, there are so many forms. Some are physical some are mental. The feeling doesn't change because of how it came to be. I have noticed that even though someone is different, we all can relate to each other if we understand what we feel and allow ourselves to feel for others. This is what makes my person unmatched. I feel even when I don't want to or even while I'm going through something.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so I've heard... I love my eyes because of there shape and how they bring my face together. I also love my eyes because they captivate goodness. Being alert in my own way helps with scoping out danger or again goodness. (I don't always choose to see the goodness because my personality longs for danger, don't we all).

I saved the best for last. My strength, like my personality is unmatched. I'm sure some go through difficult times and I am not discrediting that. I have noticed that when I do go through hardships its almost like I'm in a bubble, and that bubble won't allow me to take what is happening to deeply that I break down. Which ties back to my smile radiating sunshine and my sense of humor compensating for my struggles. Not to cover up, but to embrace and move on. Smiling helps me not to take life so seriously. Don't get me wrong, at time I have felt like a smile was useless and laughter was impossible but I always get back up and when I am not myself I know where to go to rejuvenate myself and keep me prepared to fight the battles I face daily!

I simply wanted to tap tap tap in, sharing this as a reminder to myself to reflect and release. Lately my past and there mistakes have been resurfacing and I've been wanting to clear the air to the people or circumstances that were left undone. Revisiting my talents in writing came about today, I was reviewing my high school journals and notebooks and I've always been this person. I just never had someone like me to bounce ideas off of. Which makes sense because when you are different your creator and you are the only ones that know the formula to your overcoming and success stories because there are more than one.

Search your talent(s), revisit some things that you once lost. I promise the answer has always been you! Search for your 5 things that you love about yourself and stay there!

Peace, Kay


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