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5 Qualities of an Authentic Woman


By S. E. LinnPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

We all have noticed that woman.

There’s just something unique about her. She’s confident, charming, happy – She feels real. She loves who she is, and shines it.

Wherever she goes it’s like the French doors on a musty room have been flung open wide and a sweet, ocean breeze has been invited in.

Everyone wants to know her. Everyone wants to be around her. We all want to be her.

When she walks by, you think, I’ll have what she’s having!

So, how does she do it?

5 Qualities of the Authentic Woman

1. She embraces her flaws.

We all know that nobody’s perfect. There is so much pressure on women today to whiten and tighten. To sculpt and tuck. The authentic woman looks at wrinkles, sun spots and cellulite as part of life. She knows that we all have perfect imperfections. The human body is flawed, and being able to accept and embrace it, especially in today’s micro-scrutinous society is a quality that is rare, but beautiful in itself.

2. She prioritizes Self Care and communicates her needs.

The authentic woman has no qualms about saying “no” whenever she wants to. She knows that when we spread ourselves too thin the world can burn us out, so she tends to herself and doesn’t apologize for it. No one gets too pushy with her because she doesn’t opt into things she doesn’t want to do. She’ll be honest when she needs some time for herself and sets clear, decisive boundaries. Her self care bucket list is always a prioritized practice.

3. She’s not in the closet.

She understands her shadows, patterns and limiting beliefs and chooses to live from the present. She speaks her truth and follows her heart because she has learned to trust herself and her inner intuition. She loves and embraces exactly who she is and is tolerant of her missteps and mistakes and she never compares herself to others knowing that we are all unique, flawed and enough just as we are.

4. She lives by her values and focuses on what she cares about.

The authentic woman may indulge in expensive things from time to time, but she values experiences and relationships with people more than material things. Life is short. She lives life to the fullest and loves fiercely. She’s there for her friends and prioritizes time with loved ones and fur babies. If she wants something expensive, she’ll buy it. But she knows what really lasts – compassion, understanding and love.

5. She won’t let the world dim her light.

Even if others try to bring her down, the authentic woman stands firm in her power. She has undoubtedly had her fair share of pain, still lives life with hope in her heart and as an open book. Life is a seesaw of joy and pain, but it’s full of beauty, joy and adventures too! She allows all feelings to surface and works her way through…releasing them and therefore she stays balanced and free.

The authentic woman beats to her own drum and doesn’t apologize for it. We all want to know her, be around her energy and one day become her.

Maybe you are raising HER.

Maybe you were raised by HER.

Maybe you are HER.

Keep your cup filled. Keep your light bright. And if someone throws bricks at you – build a castle with them!


About the Creator

S. E. Linn

Hi! I'm the owner of YAASSS! a copywriter, reviewer, editor, blogger, ghostwriter, poet, international teacher, published author, dog lover, sheet wadder, and proud mom of 2 amazing humans.

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Comments (2)

  • S. E. Linn (Author)4 months ago

    Thank you so much, Rachel! It was a fun one to write as well!

  • Rachel Deeming4 months ago

    I like to think I'm an authentic woman. I certainly try to be. Great piece and I love the motto at the end about the bricks and castles! Made me laugh as well as inspired.

S. E. LinnWritten by S. E. Linn

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