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10 Most Ridiculous Products Made "For Girls"

Some of these make you question what goes on in people's head. Let's just see how ridiculous some products made "for girls" can really get.

By Michelle EstevezPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

How often do you see desperation in its purest form? In case it's not often, I collected several examples to remind you. While these ridiculous products made “for girls” are somewhat useless, they manage to capture an important societal issue. We have come far in many ways, yet lack in others. These products not only scream stereotypical gender norms, but they also prove how low companies will go when competing for attention and sales. In the end, it is a reflection of us as a whole and the work that still needs to get done. By overcoming certain ideals in consumerism, we empower one another as both the buyer and individual.

Bootie Pies

Look. Some of these items were made with good intentions, but that doesn’t exempt them from being absolutely ridiculous. Is this what style has come to? Do women really want to just show off their painted toe nails while trekking in the snow? The math just wouldn’t add up so I went on the Bootie Pies website to further investigate. Apparently, these were made to wear after a pedicure. There are just so many things I could say here. First off, you’re getting your nails done. Relax and enjoy yourself. It's one thing to be in a rush and spritz dry shampoo on the way to an appointment. It's another to take these shoes seriously. Just enjoy the extra 10 minutes and let the damn paint dry.


Well, we all know how this one goes. Girls don’t poop, remember? Not sure why there needs to be a specific kind of laxative for men and women. Maybe it's because Dulcolax decided to short women by 10 tablets to make their purses less heavy? Not sure what their logic was.

You ever just want to pee in public? You ever just need a mate for your pee? P-mate does the trick all while fitting in your pocket! This one is ridiculous, but it’s handy. I'll give it that. It is the only one on this list that actually makes sense. Australian Moon Zjip, developed this product after dealing with inconvenient moments during her travels in the jungle. While I don’t mind a squat in the woods during a hike, I won’t deny the fact that it can get inconvenient during the colder months. Whether you need to release during a hike or dodge the porta-potty, P-mate lets you choose. This product is especially useful for women who don’t have access to clean wash areas and probably the only rational item on this list.

Pink Cigs

These cigarettes take us back to Virginia Slims marketing. I’m not sure how I feel about the exploitation of the women’s movement to promote an unhealthy habit. According to the Surgeon General of the US, these strategies link “women’s freedom, emancipation, and empowerment” to smoking. Their reports found an increase in smokers of teenage girls. It’s one thing to create a ridiculous product for girls. It’s another to select ad choices that sell freedom in death while avoiding the cons of smoking cigarettes.

Incase You Forget Which One Is Yours

I get how the whole “Mr. and Mrs.” product pairing can make for cute engagement or anniversary gifts, but there’s a time and place for these. Here’s a gendered bookmark incase your bookmark gets lonely or you forget which one is yours. I really don’t have much to say here. I just hope you have better style when picking out a bookmark. These bookmarks look like they're portable bathroom signs. Do you really want to walk around like that?


I think it’s fair to say that this photo speaks for itself. The way these books are placed next to one another is strategic in pointing out the flawed perceptions we have toward genders and their respective values. Children are sponges. They are developing and taking in the whole world before them.

Toy Laptop

This is some twisted Fairly Odd Parents shit. First with the gendered bookmarks and now with these Cosmo and Wanda toy computers, what's going on here? I’m also not sure why there's only a two percent price difference for a product that contains half the amount of functions as the other.


These delicate sprays are meant to eliminate anything that doesn’t smell like fairy glitter. This is definitely not one of the things every grown woman needs and Spritz Poo is marketing out of desperation and exploitation. Let’s tell it how it is. Women aren't the only ones who don't like to leave a scent. Men don't either. We have societal norms and unspoken rules to thank for this product's marketing campaign.

Gendered Gift Cards

Don’t try to buy a toy for your son with a girl gift card. The cashier will tell make you buy a boy gift card for that. While we’re on the subject, remember not to mix up your colors. Pink toys and beauty products are for girls while blue toys and video games are for boys.


This might not seem so ridiculous, but it is. The ridiculous products made for girls are often the ones we use on a daily basis, so we don’t necessarily notice. Besides, everyone knows the razors made for “men” work better anyway. Maybe it’s because we don’t need protection for our “delicate skin.” Yet, these razors for women exist because out of all the hygiene products women need to own, we like over paying for them.

Bic Pens

Bic got a lot, I mean A LOT of a heat for this one. Basically, they noticed sales were dropping due to other pen competitors. Their solution? Sell pens made for “women.” Comments on Amazon flooded the reviews section and the company began to wonder what went wrong. There are so many products that are marketed to the female demographic, yet why did this pick up so much heat? This is what happens when you only follow data and numbers rather than approaching your audience for what they are—humans.

It's hard to keep track of all the ridiculous product made for girls. This small list is but a sample of a larger issue. While companies might not get it, it's up to us to use our dollars wisely. After all, your dollar is your vote.

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