10 Facts about Careprost Eye Drop Lash Growth Serum

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10 Facts about Careprost Eye Drop Lash Growth Serum

Achieve lusciously long and thick eye lashes with Careprost serum

The first thing that is noticed in a person’s face is the amazing eyes. They play an eminent part in creating lasting impressions. Eyes are quite a big part of the attractiveness quotient as well. For making eyes looking dramatic and attention-catching, people put efforts to make lashes look lusciously long and thick. These days there are innumerable tricks that have actually been sleeved in the makeup industry.   The products like eyeliner and mascara are artfully utilized for giving the onlooker a false impression of long and dark lashes.  People may use artificial lashes in the form of extensions.  But do these hacks really work in the long turn?  The answer is not really!  Such products are just temporary solutions for attaining long and fuller lashes. Are you tired of applying layers of mascara to make eyelashes appear longer and voluminous? If yes then Careprost eye drops is the sure shot solution to your problem.

  • Careprost is actually an FDA approved, 0.03 % bimatoprost ophthalmic serum that is prescribed for lengthening, thickening and also darkening eyelashes. Its composition is similar to the Lumigan, glaucoma treating medication.
  • People who used Lumigan for treating condition of Glaucoma was highly surprised by finding their eyelashes growing longer, thicker and fuller. This was a desirable effect of this eye drop. This outcome had led to the utilization of this medicine for cosmetic purposes as well. The drug today is mainly used for treating Hypotrichosis (shortening of eyelashes). In this particular disease, the lashes of a person become too small and thin. Thus this serum is utilized for treating irregular growth of lashes as it enhances their thickness.
  • Since hair present on different body parts has its own specific of the growth cycle. It is same with the eyelashes as well. The first phase is called anagen. It is actually an actively growing phase and lasts for around thirty to forty-five days. The Careprost eye drops have been formulated with a thorough understanding of the growth phases of human eye tissues and thus it works accordingly.
  • This lashes growth ophthalmic serum is containing the most active component known as Bimatoprost. It is actually a prostaglandin analogue itself. It works actively in the promotion of the eyelashes growth through the reduction in eye pressure.
  • Being clinically tested and approved as well, Bimat eye drops are an extremely effective and safe solution in the treatment of irregular growth of your eyelashes. This medication is equivalent to another formulation Latisse has been manufactured by an Allergen firm. The two lash growth formulas are almost similar in its composition, volume and even packaging as well. However, there is a high variation pertaining to the cost of two products.
  • This eye drop works by treating increased fluid pressure within patient’s eyes.  It is not meant for utilization by the children below age group of 16 years.  It should not be strictly used by pregnant, lactating or breastfeeding women. All those people who are actually allergic to Bimatoprost should avoid using this particular drug. The Sun Pharmaceutical company in India is chiefly responsible for the manufacturing of this amazing eyelash enhancer serum. Today it is easily available in the market. You can also buy Careprost eye drops online.
  • Though Bimat drops are considered to be safe for usage by majority of the people but it strictly meant to be administered under the supervision of a health practitioner. There are certain medical conditions that are found to be interacting with this drug or maybe with components present in it, thus it is best to communicate with your doctor before putting this lash enhancer to use.
  • For the promotion of healthy and natural lash growth, you can buy Careprost eye drop available in a 3 ml bottle only.  The serum has to be applied either using an applicator that is being offered with the solution or a cotton bud can also be used. But every time you apply serum, a new cotton bud has to be used for hygienic purposes. Apply the serum carefully on your base of upper lashes with an applicator brush or cotton bud. It should always be taken into account that a solution should not be applied towards the lower lashes in any of the conditions.
  • Once you start using this particular lash-enhancing solution, you will observe noticing positive outcome in the length, thickness and even color of your eyelashes within a period of generally around two to three weeks. Although it can be fully assured that Bimat eye drops is quite an awesome product for stimulating lash growth. But the results are not instant or the quick hair growth will not take place. It takes 3 to 4 weeks for boosting complete eyelashes growth. Thus you need to be compatible and consistent for around 3 to 4 weeks for considering achieving fuller, darker and thicker lashes.
  • It is crucial to apply eye solutions consistently to maintain lash growth. Some people might think that they no longer have to apply the medication once they observe changes in lash growth within a month. But the patients who used this medicine reviewed that dosage of drug should be continued as per the physician’s recommendation. Its application should not be stopped at all once you start observing results.

Careprost is sustainable, safe & affordable solution for growing eyelashes

Are you someone who is searching for a sustainable, safe and affordable solution for growing your lashes to the maximum?  Then Careprost serum surely meets all your specified requirements.   The eyelash enhancer products when applied every day for a period of about four to six weeks will demonstrate visible signs of the growth of your eyelashes

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