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Wrestlemania 40 Recap: Cody Rhodes “Finally” Finished His Story

After a year of heartbreak against the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns, the “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes “finally finished his story to become the Undisputed WWE Universal champion

By Michael ReynosoPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Image Credit: Pro Wrestling Finesse

Cody Rhodes has finally done it!

Cody finished his story at Wrestlemania 40!

After being cheated by the hands of Solo Sikoa and defeated by the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns last year, the “American Nightmare” did the unthinkable (with the help of allies John Cena, Seth Rollins, and the Undertaker) and dethroned the “Head of the Table” at the showcase of the immortals.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship — “Bloodline Rules Match” Highlights

Cody Rhodes has been associated with tenacity for a long time. Rhodes’s career has been a rollercoaster of victories and setbacks, starting from his early years as a bright prospect, leaving the company to create his lane, and ending with his explosive ascension in the WWE. Nevertheless, he never gave up, driven by an unrelenting will to leave his legacy in the harsh world of professional wrestling.

Ahead of Wrestlemania 40, excitement was building as Rhodes realized he would face the longest-reigning champion in modern history, Roman Reigns, head-on. Everything was in place for a thrilling match that would decide the fate of the WWE Universal Championship, known as the “Bloodline Rules” match.

So without any further ado, let’s break down this match in totality!

The "Bloodline Rules" Match Breakdown

The crowd went wild with excitement as Rhodes entered the ring and faced down Reigns, who was surrounded by his devoted “Wiseman” and WWE Hall of Famer, Paul Heyman. Before the match started, Rhodes’ resolve was evident.

A physical battle that put Rhodes and Reigns’ stamina and fortitude to the test ensued, setting off a spectacle that would live in history. Fresh off of the greatest tag-team match of all time, both men went blow for blow. Every traded hit reverberated throughout the arena, making spectators frenzy.

However, just when it seemed that Rhodes had the upper hand by delivering his third “crossroads” finisher, Jimmy Uso came in from behind and super-kicked Cody in the face. The first of Cody’s allies to help him was none other than “Main Event” Jey Uso and Jey wasted no time and laid the “Yeet” down on his brother outside the ring.

Eventually, the two brothers exchanged blows until Jey speared Jimmy in mid-air and landed on top of the table. The crowd went nuts after that, which led to Cody delivering crossroads twice on Roman again. Until the Bloodline’s enforcer, Solos Sikoa, entered the ring the same way he did last year and delivered a devastating Samoan spike to Cody’s throat.

Not This Time

This time, Cody got out of the pin by two counts, which left Solo in shock. Shortly after, Solo and Roman delivered their finishing move combination called the “Spear-Spike,” and still, Cody kicked out of it, leaving both men in complete disbelief.

Surprise Returns

The arena erupted in shock as the unmistakable presence of John Cena emerged, rallying behind Rhodes in a show of solidarity. The momentum shifted, igniting a spark of hope in the hearts of fans worldwide. As a result, the “Cenation Leader” wasted no time, laid waste on Solo, and delivered a massive “Attitude Adjustment” on the table.

Just when everything cooled down, the appearance of the “Final Boss” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sent the WWE universe into a whirlwind, and the two men had a legendary moment where they faced off. This was a nostalgic moment for those who witnessed these two go at it 12 years ago at Wrestlemania 28.

Hollywood Rock wasted no time and gave John a wicked “rock bottom”. And then, as The Rock was about to whip Cody, in a moment that will be etched in Wrestlemania lore for generations to come, the ominous toll of the bell signaled the arrival of The Undertaker. The whole arena turned dark and behold the “American Badass” appeared behind the “Final Boss”, choke-slamming him in the process.

As soon as the Undertaker disappeared, the match went on.

The stakes had never been higher as the fate of the WWE Universal Championship hung in the balance. As his chilling presence cast a shadow over the ring, Rhodes summoned every ounce of strength and determination within him, channeling the spirit of legends past as he faced off against Reigns in a showdown for the ages.

Even Seth’s aid to Cody didn’t help due to Roman hitting him with a steel chair, marking the true revenge on his former brothers-in-arms. With the attack on Seth, Roman’s demise caught up with him.

Last Words

Ultimately, Rhodes was declared the winner, raising his hand in victory and taking home the WWE Universal Championship. At last, the American Nightmare had reached his peak and established himself as one of the best, leaving his mark on wrestling history.

Rhodes stood strong, an inspiration to wrestlers everywhere and a symbol of optimism as he shared the ring with his beloved mother, wife, and friends. Cody Rhodes’ narrative is a tribute to the strength of tenacity, fortitude, and the unflinching pursuit of one’s aspirations in the world of professional wrestling, where dreams are formed and shattered in equal measure.

Match Rating

If I were to rate the “Bloodline Rules” match overall, it would be an 8/10. The reason for this rating is because with all the hype of 3:16 being thrown everywhere and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin not appearing, validates this rating. Also, The Rock not turning on his cousin Roman Reigns would’ve been cinema.

If you all have a similar rating or perspective on this match, you can chime in in the comments section about your overall experience with this match and Wrestlemania 40.

Cody discusses “Finishing the story”

If you missed the “Today’ show, Cody Rhodes revealed why he defeated Roman Reigns.

“Today” Show with Cody Rhodes

Congratulations, Cody!

We can't wait for you to be the fighting champion for this new era!

That’s all folks!

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