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Turnovers Doom Tuskers at Kennedy Catholic Christmas Tournament

Tough Night for Tuskers

By Rich MonettiPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

On Thursday December 21, Somers Traveled to St Mary’s in Katonah, New York for the annual Kennedy Catholic Christmas tournament. Facing the Kennedy girls in the first round, the Somers Tuskers turned out to be way too giving, and the hosts were definitely no help.

Employing a pressing defense throughout the game, the Kennedy Gaels forced turnovers all game long, and the Tuskers could not overcome the difference in a resounding 61-34 defeat.

Somers did have the first lead of the game, though. Guard Sydney Ingraham got the ball ahead to Lindsay McCullough, and she converted the easy layup.

Of course, the advantage was just a blip on the screen, and the true nature of the game was quickly established by the home. Off the Kennedy full counrt pressure, Madison Lopez picked up the turnover, got the fst break going, and Gianna Carlo converted the layup of the glass.

Far from done, Kennedy had the Tuskers coughing up the ball two more times. An 8-2 lead resulted on a jumper by Carlo and another strong layup by Lopez.

Put backs by Caitlin Mayfield and McCullough did counter for the Somers team effort, but Kennedy was undeterred by the mini run. Carlo and Lopez answered with threes, and after another forced turnover, Caroline Arrigale’s long range heave hit the trifecta for a 16-6 lead.

Still, Somers did hang close for a bit more time. Ingraham’s three closed the first quarter, and opening the second, she head faked her way to a baseline tear drop basket.

A 16-11 game at this, Somers got no closer the rest of the way, and no surprise to the crowd, the pressure would completely undo the struggling Tuskers. Arrigale led the fast break to a ready Carlo on the turnover, and Lopez went from one coast to the other on her steal to make it 22-11 game.

Doubled up, a steal by Carlo meant two more on the fast break, and so did Lopez’s quick and agile hands. The score now 34-16, Somers again ended the quarter on a good note. McCullough got to the line for two free throws, and her team remained within sight at 33-20.

But Kennedy closed the Tuskers eyes right out of the first half intermission. Arrigale scored two on the fast break layup and then added a three, and Lopez essentially made the game a wrap. Driving the lane, the slick point guard ball faked to the corner of the gym, and full steam ahead, her layup opened up a 41-22 lead that stuffed up the chimney for the reeling Tusker team.

No Santa coming to the rescue, Somers could only accept the mercy of the final buzzer.

On break, the girls traveled to Pelham to face Eastchester again. On December 27 at 11AM the girls were wide awake and won their second straight from the down county team. This time they defeated the Eagles by a score of 63-45. They got out to an early 16-3 lead, but Eastchester would cut into the advantage and only trailed by five at half time.

However, Somers began to pull away on the foul line. Kuchinsky and Allegretti sunk two each, and the proficiency opened up a 34-23 lead. From there it was just putting on the finishing touches and letting the clock have its due.

Unfortunatly, the return from break did not have Somers building on the win. After falling behind early, the girls could not complete the comeback and fell 49-42.

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