Track Stars App: Fab Freshmen of Track & Field NCAA Division I

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The top rookies who shined brightest

Track Stars App: Fab Freshmen of Track & Field NCAA Division I

While the 2019-20 track and field season was cut short, these freshmen proved that we have a lot to look forward to for the 2020-21 season. This is a list of the top freshmen on the NCAA Division I level.

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Ariadni Adamopoulou

School: Oklahoma State, Event: Pole Vault

Tosin Alao

School: TCU, Event: Triple Jump

Euphenie Andre

School: Missouri, Event: Triple Jump

Amber Anning

School: LSU, Event: 400 meters

Abi Archer

School: Stanford, Event: 3000 meters, 5000 meters

Alia Armstrong

School: LSU, Event: 60-meter hurdles

Mariah Ayers

School: Baylor, Event: 200 meters

Kaitlyn Banas

School: Arkansas, Event: Pole Vault

Nyagoa Bayak

School: LSU, Event: High Jump

Taylor Beard

School: Cincinnati, Event: High Jump

Jahniya Bowers

School: Youngstown State, Event: 60-meters

Janique Burgher

School: Kansas State, Event: High Jump

Elasia Campbell

School: Duke, Event: High Jump

Kelsey Chmiel

School: North Carolina St, Event: 3000 meters

Thelma Davies

School: LSU, Event: 60 meters, 200 meters

Aja Davis

School: Syracuse, Event: 60 meters

Jalani Davis

School: Ole Miss, Event: Shot Put, Weight Throw

Grace Forbes

School: Rice, Event: Mile, 3000 meters

Daszay Freeman

School: Arkansas, Event: 60-meter hurdles

Julia Fixsen

School: Georgia, Event: Pole Vault

Elizabeth Funderburk

School: Florida State, Event: 5000 meters

Ingeborg Gruenwald

School: UTSA, Event: Long Jump

Darci Khan

School: Kentucky, Event: 60-meter hurdles

Semira Killebrew

School: Florida, Event: 60 meters, 200 meters

Anna Hall

School: Georgia, Event: High Jump, Pentahlon

Alysah Hickey

School: Oregon, Event: Long Jump

Destiny Huven

School: Wisconsin, Event: 60-meter hurdles

Saara Hakanen

School: Oklahoma State, Event: Triple Jump

Mara Hausler

School: Missouri, Event: Triple Jump

Chandler Hayden

School: Tennessee, Event: Weight Throw

Mackenzie Hayward

School: Baylor, Event: Pole Vault

Alysah Hickey

School: Oregon, Event: Long Jump

Gennifer Hirata

School: South Dakota, Event: Pole Vault

Prommyse Hoosier

School: Tennessee, Event: Long Jump

Mackenzie Horn

School: High Point, Event: Pole Vault

Jillian Johnson

School: TCU, Event: High Jump

Shatara Johnson

School: Tennessee, Event: Long Jump

Anna Jordahl-Henry

School: Columbia, Event: High Jump

Lavinja Jurgens

School: Oklahoma, Event: High Jump

Nissi Kabongo

School: Stephen F. Austin, Event: High Jump

Sophie Lasswell

School: BYU, Event: 5,000 meters

Destiny Lawrence

School: Houston, Event: Triple Jump

Joella Lloyd

School: Purdue, Event: 60 meters

Avery McMullen

School: Colorado, Event: Pentathlon

Jasmine Mitchell

School: Ole Miss, Event: Weight Throw

Jasmine Moore

School: Georgia, Event: Long Jump, Triple Jump

Ashlee Osaji

School: Southern Miss, Event: Long Jump

Leonie Reuter

School: Washington State, Event: High Jump

Mathilde Rey

School: Oregon, Event: High Jump, Penthtlon

Kerris Roberts

School: Purdue, Event: 200 meters

Dominique Rutolo

School: Oregon, Event: Triple Jump

Amaya Scott

School: UTSA, Event: Long Jump

Jada Seaman

School: Virginia, Event: 200 meters, Long Jump

Jacious Sears

School: Miami, Event: 60 meters, 200 meters

Jazlynn Shearer

School: UNLV, Event: 60-meter hurdles, Triple Jump

Melany Smart

School: Washington, Event: Mile

Grace Stark

School: Florida, Event: 60-meter hurdles

Carley Thomas

School: Washington, Event: 800 meters

Darby Thomas

School: Nebraska, Event: Long Jump

Cierra Tidwell

School: BYU, Event: High Jump

Shelby Tyler

School: Georgia, Event: High Jump

Elien Vekemans

School: Oklahoma, Event: Pole Vault

Auriane Viola

School: Louisville, Event: Pole Vault

Mikeisha Welcome

School: Oklahoma, Event: Long Jump, Triple Jump

Anna Witherspoon

School: Georgia Tech, Event: 60-meter hurdles

Britton Wilson

School: Tennessee, Event: 400 meters

Taylor Wright

School: Miami, Event: High Jump

Charokee Young

School: Texas A&M, Event: 800 meters

Tara Zeni

School: Quinnipiac, Event: Long Jump

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