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To play badminton well, put speed, endurance, and

by emmet solomon 2 months ago in product review
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The explosive power is concentrated to improve the overall level

To play badminton well, put speed, endurance, and
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Amateur players are keen to play badminton technical practice, and often ignore the physical exercise, which is a misconception about playing good badminton, some players always play "control a few can not I technical a few" in general can be summarized as "control power is weak".

Now most friends are in the state of sitting in the office every day, the lack of exercise, resulting in muscle weakness, but want to play good badminton, you must get physical fitness up if physical fitness can not keep up will affect the improvement of technology, highly advanced technology, no strong physical fitness as a basis, there will be injuries, and no strong physical fitness is also very difficult to practice to high advanced technology.

Amateur players are lacking is physical training, so some people's badminton level is very slow or even stagnant, to play good badminton, physical training can not be less, play good badminton, to put speed, endurance, and explosive power are three qualities together, to improve the overall body level.

Usually fingers, wrists, arms, waist and abdomen, knee joints, ankle joints, etc. These are often used to play badminton, for these positions to focus on practice to strengthen the strength of the nearby muscles, both to power and protect the joint organs, strengthen the finger strength, you can use the grip strength exercise so that you can ensure that the flexor power, and do not have to worry about the pat grip unstable pat.

Exercise wrist, at home you can use mineral water bottles with water for eight rounds; or can be lighter dumbbells or grip type weights to do between the wrist rotation of each angle, and so adapted to the power can be increased in turn, so gradual for the wrist is very helpful.

Arms and shoulders and elbows can be exercised with the bench press.

core strength of the waist and abdomen with flat support exercise.

Knee and ankle joints can use weighted squat training.

In short, what place is weak, practice what place but practice the way and method to science.


Physical strength is the hard injury of amateur golfers, think about a game that e can not stick down, then how to improve? Of course, to focus on practicing physical strength, running is the perfect pair of CP with badminton, about three times a week running practice, can be very good to improve the problem of physical strength, simple but very effective.

When playing, feel slow start, leg weakness, and even move up the brake, really because of weak leg strength, to get rid of this situation, we must carry out comprehensive strength training for the legs.

And jump rope is to improve the leg strength of the choice, jump rope, a long time single shake can increase the strength and endurance of the legs, double shake can practice the explosive power of the legs and ankle strength, each jump just can practice the palm of the foot stirrup start problem, while the hands and feet with, can practice the body's coordination ability;

No matter which weight training you do, you must do warm-upsbeforehand to avoid sports injuries.

How to improve the swing speed.

The swing speed of badminton is mainly related to the correctness of the technical movements of the stroke, coordination, and the fast power of the forearm and wrist fingers. Improving one's body coordination is the primary link to improving swing speed.

To improve and develop the explosive power of the forearm, wrist, and fingers, which is crucial for badminton hitting power, one can use continuous fast hitting against the wall to improve the swing speed of a flat draw block. (For wall pumping exercises check out the May 3 article → Overbearing wall pumping exercises to satisfy my desire to hit the ball when I'm lonely!)

How to improve bouncing ability.

(a) Since in badminton, players move around the court to hit the ball there will be frequent stomping and jumping movements, so it is important to train the bouncing power of the lower limbs.

The magnitude of knee force is relatively small, and while the fast explosive force requirements of the ankle joint are high, the quality of strength should focus on strengthening the ankle and knee joint in the high half-squat position of the fast power training. Can use a light load fast half squat jump, double and triple shake jump rope and sand jacket step, and other methods.

The movement should be combined with the footwork, more pads, and parallel steps followed by the fast jumping blitz and snap practice to ensure that the bounce of the lower limbs is improved under the structure of the completed fast movement so that it can be better combined with technical training.

The importance of physical fitness can not be ignored, improve the need to rely on the usual accumulation of little by little, to ensure strong physical fitness is the basis for the improvement of badminton level.

Badminton doubles, the middle ball to clear responsibility, must comply with the following principles, applicable to amateur ball players

When playing doubles badminton, the middle of the defensive ball is more difficult to receive, so to say because it is not easy to distinguish in the end who receives.

Appear to let the ball, losing points, unfortunately; appear to grab the catch, hit the beat is angry!

To play a good middle ball, with clear responsibility, it is necessary to comply with the following principles, very applicable to amateur ball players.

1. Diagonal catching principle.

When the opponent in the bottom two sections of the area kills the middle, at this time to the diagonal position of the person, because the straight line position of the defender is close to the sideline, the diagonal defender stands closer to the center line, so the diagonal line of the person to receive more appropriate.

2, the principle of drop point half zone.

If the landing point is the left of the center line, then the left half of the area is to receive.

If the landing point is in the center line to the right, then the right half of the area to receive.

3, the principle of technical priority.

This should be discussed in advance, when the pair kill the middle, the technically good players take on more middle defensive tasks, but if the opponent kills closer to the technically bad players, at this time to adapt, do not dull waiting for another player to receive.

4, who is close to who receives the principle.

As the name suggests, it is when hitting the middle, the ball is close to whoever is close, who is going to catch it.

5, learn to swing the brake principle.

When your partner is ready to reach out to receive the ball in the middle, you should pay attention to immediately stop swinging or avoid your partner's swing route to avoid a collision.

For the middle of the defensive ball, in addition to following the above principles, communicate well in advance, or play the ball when shouting up "I catch" and so on, to prevent leakage of the ball, and not to hit the racket, killing two birds with one stone.

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