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The NFL keeps giving London the worst games imaginable

The NFL is loved by London. The NFL loves London's cash

By Damian PetersPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The NFL is loved by London. The NFL loves London's cash. How does this perfect partnership come about? Many thousands of excited, voracious football fans flock to converted soccer stadiums full of hope for the NFL. The NFL is ready to reward their loyalty with THE WORST FOOTBALL GAMES IMAGINEABLE... EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

This Sunday's event is perhaps the best example, as Tottenham Hotspur Stadium experiences the white-hot action that is... Jets vs. Falcons

North London, get hyped! You're going to be facing a battle between 1-3 teams. Top draft picks Zach Wilson, who throws interceptions in big numbers, and Kyle Pitts, who despite being targeted very little, I assure is on the NFL roster.

This game is too important to be discussed. It doesn't really matter who wins, it's going suck. How can I tell this? The teams are terrible. They are bad away and at home. I don't believe either team can magically become great after an international flight. It's a guess.

Amazingly, the NFL is known for playing the worst games in London. This is the 28th London game since 2007, when the International Series was established. It has given Londoners 56 teams to choose from. These games are simply terrible football games.

There were only four games between two teams who had combined winning records in London.

  • Only TWO of these teams featured in the games had winning records.
  • Nine games were decided by one point or less.
  • London's average margin of victory is 14.8 points

The NFL has London's bad bad teams playing in bad games. A 7 percent chance of watching a good match between two of the best teams in the NFL was available if you purchased a London ticket. There was a 2 percent chance that you would see two teams win a single game.

This is a small sample of the NFL overall, so don't think this is a bad thing. Surprisingly, 32 percent of games ended in a 20 point or greater blowout. Only 17 percent of London games saw 20-point blowouts in comparison.

What's the worst game London has ever been exposed to? It's hard to say, as so many of them have been terrible -- but this gem is magical.

New York Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams -- 10/23/16

Let's imagine a London fan who would buy tickets to this game. You're right in the middle Odell Beckham Jr.'s dominance as the best NFL receiver, and you have Eli Manning. So you expect to see some amazing catches and big plays.

On the other side of it, Todd Gurley is an amazing running back. He just ran for 1,100 yards in his rookie season and is quickly becoming one of the top young backs in the league.

This is offensively a win-win situation, right?


  • Eli Manning throws for 196 yard and no touchdowns.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. has 49 receiving yards.
  • Todd Gurley runs 15 times for 57 yards.
  • Case Keenum, Rams' QB throws four interceptions

Despite all the interceptions, there is still very little scoring. Only three touchdowns were scored in this game: a Rams 10 yard pass, a pick six and a Giants 1 yard run. The final whistle sounds, it's 17-10. It was a terrible game with very little going for it. People paid a premium to watch it. The fans also saw 15 punts between both teams.

Are there ways to improve these games?

Nope! Nope! Problem is, if both teams are good, weaving them into regular season can throw off their preparation. This, combined with the ability to place bad games in London, has made it the worst gift we ever give the U.K.

Jets vs. Falcons, British football fans, this is another good game.


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