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The Dream of Limitless Leaps

By Ando

By anh doPublished 28 days ago 3 min read

Darkness enveloped me, swallowing all light. Only the faint sound of my own ragged breaths echoed in the endless space. I stood precariously on the edge of a towering wall, stretching far above my sight, perhaps a meter and seventy centimeters high. The shadows hid everything below, leaving me blind to the depth or danger that lurked beyond the black veil.

Fear sneaked through every corner of my mind, but a compelling urge pushed me forward. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes, gathered myself, and leapt. The unexpected fall sent my body reeling, but I landed safely on a soft earth floor. Joy erupted in my heart. I had conquered the fear and continued this strange journey.

The next wall loomed higher, a daunting two meters tall. This time, hesitation crept into my mind. The vertiginous height made my head spin and sweat poured down like rain. Yet, the memory of my previous victory spurred me on. Once more, I closed my eyes, braced myself, and jumped. The forceful landing sent shivers through my body, but I remained standing.

And so, I conquered each consecutive wall, each growing higher until it surpassed even the limits of my own vision. With every leap, fear surged back in, battling with the exhilaration of victory. My physical and mental limits were tested, and doubt began to gnaw at my abilities. Could I continue? Did I possess the courage to face the next challenge?

When a colossal wall appeared before me, my heart pounded like a drum threatening to burst from my chest. Darkness shrouded everything, making the destination impossible to see. Fear consumed me, squeezing the air from my lungs. Was this the final limit? Could I cross over, or would I be swallowed by the endless darkness?

Unable to delay any further, I shut my eyes, gathered all my remaining courage, and leaped. The forceful landing sent my body reeling, the world spinning around me. When I opened my eyes, the darkness had vanished, replaced by the gentle light of dawn. I had emerged from the strange dream, carrying the victory and the lesson of courage to push beyond my limitations.

That dream continues to haunt me to this day, a reminder of the hidden strength within each of us. It taught me that the line between bravery and recklessness is thin, and only by conquering our fears can we truly unlock the limitless potential within ourselves.


A Strange Dream and the Lesson Learned

1. A Strange Dream Like an Unreal Game:

I had a very strange dream, it felt like an unreal game. In the dream, I was surrounded by darkness, only able to hear my own breathing. Standing on the edge of a towering wall, unable to see below. Fear gripped me, but a strong urge pushed me forward. Closing my eyes, I jumped and landed safely on soft ground. The joy of victory surged through me.

Next, I faced increasingly higher walls, testing my courage and limits. Each jump brought both victory and fear, forcing me to fight through. Standing before the final colossal wall, darkness swallowed everything, and fear consumed me. But I didn't back down, closed my eyes, and leaped. When I opened them, I had escaped the darkness and greeted the bright dawn.

2. Unforgettable Dream Memories:

That strange dream continues to haunt me to this day. Unforgettable memories of the high walls, the engulfing darkness, and the mix of fear and exhilaration remain vivid in my mind. Sometimes, I wonder why I would dream something so strange.

3. Overthinking and Lack of Sleep:

I realize this dream might be a reflection of my thoughts and mental state in reality. Perhaps I was overthinking worries and anxieties during the day, leading to this strange dream. Additionally, late nights working and insufficient sleep can also affect sleep quality, making dreams more bizarre and harder to understand.

4. Stay Positive and Find the Good:

No matter how strange a dream may be, it can happen. It's important to always stay positive and find the good in everything. Instead of worrying and fearing, try to find the hidden meaning or interesting aspects of each dream.

5. Thank You and Well Wishes:

Thank you for listening to my story. I wish you all good health, optimism, and sweet dreams!


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  • anh do (Author)28 days ago

    Any way, it should be an interesting experience

ADWritten by anh do

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