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Somers Steals early Momentum from Bronxville in 7-4 Victory

by Rich Monetti about a year ago in culture

A Look Back at 2016 Victory

Bronxville strutted on the field at the high school on Saturday morning, and all cylinders were clearly in sync. Confidently and patiently moving the ball and gaining a step in every corner, the Broncos early 2-0 lead seemed to have Somers overmatched. But seeing where the storyline was going, the Tuskers employed some patience of their own. Working the ball conservatively, Somers idled the Bronxville onslaught, got themselves on the board and upset the flow before striding away with a 7-4 victory.

The outset had Bronxville taking the opening faceoff and using their size and agility to open space on the attack. Ara Atayan seeing glimmer from behind, completed a wraparound past Somers goalie Tyler Carr to take a 1-0 lead at 10:35.

Winning the faceoff, which was a rarity for Bronxville thanks to Somers’ Nick Vece, the Broncos couldn’t capitalize on their second position. Carr got a piece and closed down another crevasse that Alston Tarry tried to sneak through.

Off the other way, Graham Roediger unleashed the first of a number of shots that kept the ball in Somers possession for the next four minutes. Still, the conservative ball control also seemed a function of a Bronxville defense. The "D" made every Somers advance look like a triple team was in place for each white jersey.

Time did eventually yield a chance, but Somers was forced to waive the white flag on their strategic slow. In other words, Bronxville goalie James Swartz stared down and snagged Mike Couture’s open look at the goal.

The action then going up field for Bronxville, they wasted no time deliberating again. Alston Tarry spotted a chasm off an Atayan cut, and Carr had no chance at 3:48.

But Vece once again did his part in keeping Bronxville contained by winning the face. The Tuskers, while going four corners in keeping the ball for the remainder of the period, still got off some pretty good chances.

Unfortunately, Swartz was still firing on all pistons. First putting a kick on Andrew Lowman’s shot at the beginning of the sequence, Swartz got the scoop on Lowman’s underhand one hopper as time expired.

Of course, the second period had Vece winning the opening faceoff. But Jack Gelinas came up with the steal and Bronxville got back to rattling Somers’ cage. Fortunately, Atayan and Zach Tucker found only post, and the score held for the home team.

Somers took the double take, and this time Bronxville blinked. Vincent Cartelli caught Roediger on a move out front, and Somers was on the board at 7:09.

Déjà vu had Vece taking another faceoff, and Bronxville’s early momentum was soon a memory. Set up behind the net, Couture meandered to the left of the goalie, and no one coming to contend, he took the opportunity to tie the score at 6:22.

Nonetheless, Swartz was not ready to relinquish the lead. Couture hitting Joe Hashmall at point blank, the Bronxville goalie again came up big again at the 2:30 mark – leaving the game a tossup at the half.

Bronxville did the same in goal afterwards. The Broncos opened the third and came down with Andrew Harwood between the pipes. The changeup still had the Bronxville goaltending on pace as Harwood turned away a point blank shot by Mike Cliff.

The ball going the other way, Bronxville didn’t take advantage of the momentum, and the game turned as Hashmall stripped the ball. Jake Cordes picked it up, and Harwood was completely at the mercy of the Somers break that Roediger easily finished at the 7:53 mark.

Bronxville wouldn’t going away easy, though. Tarry got himself position from behind and fired one past Carr to tie the score with 5:02 remaining.

But once again Vece put Bronxville on the defensive, and his teammates took the baton. Roediger bided his time from behind, and Harwood was easy pickings on Lowman’s cut to the net at 3:02.

Taking the lead for good, Vece saw no reason to let up, and this time Harwood would be left with ringing in his ears. However the Tuskers were able to convert. Couture hitting the post twice on his shot, Lowman gobbled up the rebound, and Somers now had their fill with a 5-3 lead.

The final 1:58 ticking off the third, Vece got Somers in position again. But Harwood was able to short hop Hashmall’s shot out front, and the Bronxville offense from the opening moments reappeared. Patiently working the ball, Tarry got the Broncos within one at 10:18.

Unfortunately, a bad pass on offensive would unsettle Bronxville’s momentum. The scramble put Somers on the run, and on an assist from Jack Kessler, Hashmall whipped one past Harwood for a 6-4 lead with 7:47 remaining.

Harwood was much less forgiving on a couple of great saves on Kessler and Cartelli, but the Bronxville offense did not take the cue. Instead Hashmall took a feed from Cartelli and secured the 7-4 victory at the 1:46 mark.

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