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Somers Goes About Business as Usual in 31-13 Victory Over Brewster

Another win

By Rich MonettiPublished 3 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read

Fans can certainly look at a schedule and know who are the stronger opponents and who are the weaker. So the game against Brewster on Friday October 6 probably had the home crowd feeling pretty comfortable. But while the notion may trickle down to the players, the mindset never changes at Somers, according to Matt Klee. “Every practice no matter who we are playing, we always give 110 percent,” said the lineman, and the diligence again translated to business as usual at the high school.

Somers scored the first 31 points, and despite two late touchdowns, the boys easily prevailed by a score of 31-13.

Still, the night began on defense and didn’t last long. An incomplete pass and two Barrie Mohammed runs that went nowhere had the Bears in punt formation.

The kick away, Somers took over at their own 42, and the offense actually took their time. Mac Sullivan hit Miguel Iglesias, Andrew Kapica and Luca Ploger for short passes, and the Tuskers were on their horse.

22 yards away, the flight plan then gave way to the local. Mason Kelly ran twice to the three, and Sullivan did the rest on the keeper.

At 6:41, Brewster hoped to meet the 7-0 score by getting Mohammed to gobble up some ground. Unfortunately for the Bears, the running back had his fill with two more no gains and a five yard reception.

No mercy forthcoming, Dean Palazzolo was up first. He ran the punt back 16 yards to the Brewster 39, and after Sullivan hit Nick Conti to the 27, a screen right to the sophomore receiver had Somers at the 15.

Two plays later, a third and five was no bother for Sullivan. He rolled right and threaded the ball to Andrew Violante in the corner for the touchdown at 2:56.

Luke Cukaj added the extra point, and the 14-0 lead essentially meant it was now or never for Brewster. The Bears didn’t make Somers wait an eternity for an answer either.

Three plays, and Palazzolo was back doing double duty on the punt return. This time he wasn’t pulled down until the Brewster 20, and the nail was about to enter the coffin. With Iglesias taking the snap, he hit Ploger over the middle to the four, and the hammer was passed to Kelly. He headed up the middle, bumped right and yielded a 21-0 lead with 46 seconds remaining in the first.

No surprise, Brewster followed with three plays and a punt. But just because the lead was still very safe, quarterback Mac Sullivan did not give himself a pass on the next two unsuccessful drives.

Fumbling when he seemed to take his eye off the snap on fourth at the five, he followed by throwing an interception on the subsequent possession. “I left a lot of points off the board so personally I got to clean some stuff up,” said the senior. “It’s on me, not the rest of the team.”

Another stalled drive at the end of the half probably didn’t have anyone in the stands judging the QB so harshly, but Cukaj’s 22 yard field goal sent the Tuskers into the locker room happy enough.

Glee was next when 15 seconds into the third, the field goal kicker was out there again, and he had Palazzolo to thank. The all purpose back took the kickoff, ran straight up the gut and the resulting 31-0 lead allowed Klee to put a bow on it. “This is a game to get experience,” concluded the senior. “We use this to look forward to that bigger, better team in the future. And again, we don’t settle for anything less than a big win and experience.”


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