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Somers Falls Short in Comeback versus John Jay

Fall Short

By Rich MonettiPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

After ending their break with a victory over Eastchester last week, Somers was hoping to follow up with a win over John Jay. The home game on Wednesday January 3, the Tuskers fell behind 21-9 and looked defeated before intermission. But the girls battled back and a three point deficit with two minutes remaining in the game had a comeback in clear view.

Unfortunately, Somers could not overcome and fell by a score of 49-42.

Caitlin Mayfield did get her team off to a good start by scoring a reverse layup. But John Jay proceeded to go on a 10–0 run and built a 12-2 lead.

The Somers defense did provide a brief blip, though. Sydney Ingraham picked Sela Halaifonua’s pocket in the paint, got the ball ahead to Lindsay McCullough, and she completed the fast break.

1:23 left in the first, John Jay was able to beat the press on the next trip back. Natalie Ellrodt got the ball ahead in the front court to Jordan Kauftheil, and she hit Halaifonua for the open layup.

The quarter scoring closed, Ingraham opened the second. She got the long rebound on McCullough’s miss and scored one from the line of the drive.

Misses then coming on both sides, Somers went forward motion again. Arianna Adelmann took the ball above the arc and her hard charge for the rim banked in for a 14-7 deficit with 4:21 left in the half.

Of course, John Jay could play that game too. Brooke Habinowski got to the metal for a three point lead, Charlotte Omin found a path through the paint for two more, and Habinowski muscled a put back to extend the lead to 21-9.

A big hole, the way back did begin where the game started. Ingraham dribbled penetrated, found Mayfield in the corner, and she drained the three to close the half.

Still, the momentum did not carry in the Tuskers favor after intermission. The John Jay defense doing the duty, a block by Halaifonua and a steal by Jane Brennan paid offensive dividends for each other. Brennan got a fast break layup, and Halaifonua knocked down a put back to open a 25-15 lead at 2:58.

Then the ball movement got its due. Kauftheil anticipated Halaifonua’s cut for the hoop, and receiving the over the top pass, Halaifonua gave John Jay a 13 point lead. Next, Halaifonua caught Habinowski coming off the screen, and she dropped a three to make it a 31-15 game.

1:35 left in the third, Olivia Allegretti’s put back stopped the run, and once again, Mayfield came to the rescue to close the quarter. She grabbed Allegretti’s miss from three, scored the put back and sunk the free throw.

An 11 point game with eight minutes to go, Somers got off to a good start again. McCullough spotted a narrow lane, sliced the steak and went glass to pull to 31-22.

Even so, John Jay maintained the 11 point lead on the inside. Brennan’s drive put her on the line for two made free throws, and Halaifonua led Kauftheil for another layup at 6:35.

So Somers went outside. Adelmann and McCullough banged triples, and it was suddenly a 35-30 game. McCullough then added a free throw, and when Ellrodt threw the ball away, the Tuskers stampede seemed poised to overrun.

Not to be, Adelmann’s drive to the hoop rolled off the rim, and John Jay did not extend their sympathies. After Halaifonua scored a layup, Habinowski did her teammate one better. She got the put back, and on the foul line, the senior built the lead to nine.

Not for long, Adelmann made sure. The center picked off Brennan’s pass to set up an Allegretti three, and off Mayfield’s penetration across the paint, Adelmann came free to make it two in a row from downtown.

Three down with two minutes to go, John Jay’s 2H club started an eight point run. Halaifonua spotted Habinowski forcing her way through the paint and yet another layup went down off the glass.

From there, Halaifonua had a put back, and Brennan’s three point play on the drive opened an 11 point lead that sealed the Tuskers fate.


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