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Somers Cheer Takes Second

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By Rich MonettiPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

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On Saturday February 10, the high school hosted the 2nd Annual Tusker Rumble Cheerleading Competition, and teams from all over the area touched down and took to the air. Somers in the Class B division, the Tuskers flew pretty high, according to Coach Taylor LaRusso.

“We work so hard, and second place is still victory like no other,” she assured.

Rebecca Lippolis agreed with her coach. “To end the season with a second place finish, that’s pretty good,” said the back spot.

This is especially true since Lippolis believes the team saved the best performance for last. “I think we nailed this whole entire competition,” the junior Tusker asserted.

At the base position, Farah Cicogna spelled out the foundation of any good cheerleading team. “Everyone needs to be working together to make sure the stunts go off,” said the Tusker.

Of course, the flier has the most at stake. “It takes a lot of courage, said LaRusso. “You got to go up there and fly.”

So the people below must have your back. “You got to trust the people underneath,” said the coach.

Emily DeJesus certainly does, which must go a long way to lifting her fears. “No, it’s still very scary,” the sophomore assured.

But Anna Puerto wouldn’t know it from her teammate’s consistency. “Emily knows what to do under pressure situations,” said the base spotter. “She stays live, and she’s good at her job.”

So does Madison Davoli. Not on this team, she’s a nine year old Somers flier who understands the basics too. “Cheerleading is a sport where you work together to get first place,” said the young spectator.

Among those in synergy is Camille Blewitt. “I hold the girls up in the air,” said the 3rd grade base.

Somers strong, she still gives credit to her friend. “Madison has tight legs,” said Blewitt.

In other words, Davoli’s legs stand locked when the apex is reached, but Blewitt is even more basic in terms of one day reaching the varsity. “I want to have the best smile on the team,” she said.

Charly Hirsch got that attribute locked up for the moment, and the flier can’t help feeding off the adulation from the stands. “It’s very exciting,” she said, “the way everyone in the crowd is cheering for us.”

On the other hand, Miquel Iglesias was actually just returning the favor. “It’s a community thing,” said the Tusker wide receiver. “They showed up for us. I wanted to show up for them.”

In this, the football player saw what the coach gave voice to. “This is a sport. This is a lot of athleticism. This is a lot of skill, it’s a lot of commitment and you put it all out there on the mat,” said the former James Madison University Cheerleader.

No argument, Lippolis made sure the praise went in both directions. “Coach LaRusso inspires us to always do better,” said the cheerleader. “She is an amazing person, and she’s really good at cheer as well.”

But the season over and the awards in, Puerto provided capper for the day. “We’re extremely grateful,” she concluded.

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