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NFL Power Rankings Week 17


By Niko BanksPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

10. (9-7) Jaguars

The Jaguars return to the top ten despite losing Trevor Lawrence. CJ Beathard hasn't done anything crazy, but he has got the job done. The Jaguars dominated the Panthers, and say what you want about the Panthers, but they have never been shut out...until the Jaguars came to town. Doug Pederson has a stingy defense and backup going into the playoffs. Where have we heard that before?

9. (10-6) Chiefs

The Chiefs got by the Jake Browning-led Bengals. Rice is developing well, and along with Pacheco, Mahomes has found his go-to guys. The Chief's defense is stifling. If the Chief's offense can be efficient, then the defending champs could defy the odds and shock everyone again.

8. (10-6 )Bills

The Bills looked dead in the water at one point. It looked like they weren't even going to make the playoffs. Now, the Buffalo Bills have done some soul-searching and made the tough decision to turn their team around. You don't want to play a team catching fire going into the playoffs.

7. (11-5) The Eagles

The Eagles are falling back at the wrong time, but they are still 11-5. As bad as it looks right, they have still proven one thing. They can beat and lose to anybody, but they win way more than they lose.

6. (11-5) Lions

The Lions got screwed against the Cowboys. They had the game-winning two-point conversion taken away from them for not reporting a lineman eligible, even though that lineman reported to the ref. But that ref crew won't be in the playoffs because of that call, and the Lions proved that if they see the Cowboys again, things could go very differently. Don't sleep on the Lions.

5. (11-5) The Cowboys

By hook or by crook, the Cowboys came out on top against the Lions, and Dak continued to ball out. Dak Prescott has been a major hindrance to the Cowboy's postseason success, but with Dak growing into the MVP candidate he is today, the Cowboys could make a run.

4. (11-5) Dolphins

The Dolphins just took a devastating defeat at the hands of the Ravens. If getting blown out by the Ravens wasn't enough, the Dolphins also had several impact players injured over the course of the game. But the Dolphins are not a team to be kept down. They still have an offense that can cut through most defenses led by two MVP candidates. They still have a lot to prove, but they have all the pieces they need to do so.

3. (11-5) Browns

The Browns have been a consistent fixture on the Power Rankings, but this is their highest placement. Things keep improving for them, even as their roster is supposed to worsen. They just ran through the Jets, and I could see them as a conference championship team. They are that good.

2. (12-4) The 49ers

The 49ers looked like juggernauts before Christmas, and they still have that level of play in their range of outcomes. At 12-4 with the one seed locked up, they have proven to be the second-best team in football, but their health is in question, which would significantly change how they play because they don't compensate for injury well. Unfortunately for every other team the 49ers get two weeks to heal up.

1. (13-3) The Ravens

The Ravens have a defense nobody wants to deal with and an offense led by the league MVP. They have the best record in football and have beat the crap out of their closest competition. The Lombardi Trophy runs through Baltimore. It's there for the taking.


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