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NFL Power Rankings Week 13


By Niko BanksPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

10. Colts 7-5

Who saw this coming? The Colts are one of the hottest teams in football. When Anthony Richardson got injured, many thought the season would be over, but the Colts have fought hard every week, and if the season ended today, they would be in the playoffs.

The Colt's new head coach, Shane Steichen, has quietly been one of the best new coaching hires. He does a great job putting his team in position to win. Minshew magic is back! Minshew is having a great second act and is playing inspired football. Minshew is a great symbol for his team because nobody in the NFL has more heart than the Colts.

9. Browns 7-5

The Browns have shown all year that they can do more with less, and even though they came up a little short against the Rams, there were still positives to take from the game. Flacco looked good. Flacco was slinging the ball all over the place. Unlike the previous backups, Flacco has played football at the highest levels and is less limited. I think the Browns still asked him to throw way too much against the Rams, but if they strike a better balance, Flacco and that defense should have the Browns sitting pretty.

8. Jaguars 8-4

The Jaguars are still one of the best teams in the league, but they have fallen quite a bit in the tier. What makes the Jaguars so good is that they are a complete team that plays well on both sides. The Jaguar's defense disappeared against Jake Browning and the Bengals, and that can't happen if the Jaguars want to make any noise in the AFC. The Jaguar's defense has been a significant part of all the Jaguar's biggest moments in the last few years, and they need to keep it up to have success.

7. Chiefs 8-4

The Chiefs also lost but beat the Jaguars, so they get the nod at 7. The Chiefs have a similar problem to the Jags. Unlike the Jags, the Chiefs have poor receiving talent, and their best weapon, Travis Kelce, is either slowing down or affected by injury. Like the Jaguars, the Chiefs depend on the defense heavily, and as the Packers and even the Raiders, to some extent, have shown, when the Chief's defense isn't dominant, the Chiefs are very beatable. They still have Patrick Mahomes and are still the defending Champs, so you can't count them out, but this is the weakest we have seen the Chiefs in a while.

6. Cowboys 9-3

The Cowboys game against the Seahawks was interesting. Because, on one hand, the Seahawks should not have looked as good as they did against the Cowboys. So, there is an element of the Cowboys not looking as good as soon as they play a decent team. But that's just the defense. The offense has continued to be brilliant all year, but the defense, which is supposed to be the team's strength, has sometimes disappeared.

However, the Cowboys' ability to dig down against adversity and win that Seahawks game has to be commended. So, while I'm still unsure how the Cowboys will look against the elite teams, they deserve to move up after that Seahawks shootout win.

5. Dolphins 9-3

The Dolphins are leapfrogging the Cowboys this week. It was a tough call because neither the Cowboys nor the Eagles have proven themselves against the best teams on their schedule. However, if the Cowboys' defense would allow D.K Metcalf to run all over them, then Tyreek Hill and Waddle would give the Dolphins a significant advantage. One thing the Dolphins have proved is that they get busy on offense. The Dolphin's defense has improved since Ramsey, and the offense is already the most exciting offense in the NFL

4. Lions 9-3

The Lions got their groove back against the Saints. They got back to Lions football and dominated. However, after lighting it up on the scoreboard, the Lions gave up a large leaf and nearly allowed the Saints to beat them. It's currently unclear if they were just playing with their food or if they still haven't gotten completely on track.

3. Ravens 9-3

The Ravens didn't play, but because of the 49ers, they are moving down. Still, the Ravens are the best team in the AFC, and it's not close.

2. 49ers 9-3

The 49ers beat the crap out of the Eagles in their own stadium. The 49ers, when they are on, are the most dominant team in football, but their record holds them back from the number one spot. If they catch the Eagles, they own the head-to-head, but until then, they will be behind them.

However, the Eagles game did prove that the 49ers have the undisputed MVP, Brock Purdy. People have complained that no QB has separated themselves this season. People say no QB has been consistent, but Purdy has. He's put up amazing numbers and limited turnovers. The only reason to knock Purdy is because he's Mr. Irrelevant. The play on the field is undeniable. His kicker ruined his game-winning drive against the Browns, and he was concussed against the Vikings. Purdy has only had one bad game this year: the Bengals game. Nobody has more impressive wins than Purdy. Purdy is the MVP.

1. Eagles 10-2

The Eagles are still the number 1 team despite getting their butt handed to them by the 49ers. It's because they still have the number one body of work this season. But their defense has been exposed after weeks of leaking, and it finally exploded. The Eagle's defense can't get right, and it may be their downfall.


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