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NBA 10 big lost stunt, ladder cloud vertical Roman, dip clothes eighteen falls Wade

What are the 10 most lost stunts of the NBA

By Fei Ye LanPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Many stars in the NBA have their own unique skills, some moves are their own original recipe, unique martial arts, some moves are a lot of people will, but only they practice it into their own signature moves, as the saying goes, there are talents out of the mountains, each leading the way for hundreds of years. With the retirement of these stars, these tricks are gradually lost. This film will take you to the top ten stunts of the NBA stars

Ladder cloud vertical Dennis Roman

The best thing about Roman's stunt is that it is a continuous jumping point to grab the rebound, this move is swift, in and out freely, similar to the Wu dang school of ladder cloud vertical, Roman continuous jumping rate is very fast, which makes him and the opponent fight for the rebound, even if the position is not good, you can also use the continuous jumping to catch the time difference to pick the rebound. The continuous jumping requires superb explosive power and accurate prediction of where the rebound will fall, both of which Roman has. The first thing you need to do is to get the ball to the right place.

Powerful King Kong elbow Karl Malone

The letter carrier Malone came in the wind and rain, standing in the league for nearly 20 years, his stunts can be counted, which is more famous for his powerful elbow, excellent physical quality with a tendon meat, just ask who can have such a powerful elbow? The elbows of the enemy are called the base of Malone, and the heroes who fell under his iron elbow are countless, the most vocal of which are not the Smiling Assassin and the Admiral, Thomas had dozens of stitches in his head due to Malone's iron elbow, Robinson was in shock on the spot, fortunately rescued in time. As the saying goes, there is a reincarnation of heaven, Malone's life without a crown, perhaps for this pair of iron elbow to pay the price.

Left and right fight Mark Eaton

Eaton is the NBA's prehistoric beast, known as the mammoth, he has a historic level of defense and cap ability, as a left-handed will a masterpiece is left and right cap, with two meters two one height, he can always build a high wall in the lane, and even left and right, his cap like there are two people cover you. More than ten years of career, Eaton has ten years of average cap more than two times, three times in more than 4 times, 84 to 85 season is averaging up to 5.6 times, and today still no one surpasses.

George Mervin with a sharp finger

In GU Long's martial arts novels, Lu Xiaoping's sharp finger is a masterpiece, and in the NBA, Ice Gwen also has a wonderful finger like Xiaoping's, a pick-and-roll basketball to the best interpretation of the soft and flexible, through his fingers to pick the ball gliding in the air, the arc is very high, it is difficult to be covered, and he straightened his arm to pick the ball at the moment, and there is a kind of unspeakable four two to fight a thousand pounds of beauty. With this pick and roll, Gwen was elected scoring champion four times and became the first superstar in Spurs history.

Backward jump shot Michael Jordan

There are many players in the NBA who use the backward jump shot, which not only creates space and angle for shooting when facing the defense, but also makes it easy to hit the ball with rhythm. Although this move is not a difficult action for NBA players, but mentioning the backward jump shot, people will certainly recall must be Jordan and Kobe, not only because this is their signature, but also because their elegant posture is simply picturesque, "your backward no wine, but I am drunk like a dog", is the highest evaluation of the fans, of which Jordan Jordan is synonymous with this technique. Even at the age of 40, Jordan's body is not as good as before, but the backward jump shot is still insurmountable, writing down 50 points, so on the backward jump shot, Jordan is a masterpiece, even the picturesque Kobe can only rank behind.

Golden chicken independent Dirk Horowitz

Horowitz shooting ability is extremely strong, in people's impression is the label of the outside player, inside players can rarely put shooting practice, and Horowitz as a power forward, not only the shooting practice out, but also practice out stunts. Horowitz itself is high, shooting shot point is also high, not only that, Horowitz shooting with a lot of backward, and in the backward, Horowitz a leg up, a leg to support themselves, with the golden chicken independent to describe this action is extremely appropriate, the most important thing is that after making this difficult action, Horowitz shooting is also accurate, defenders can only look at the ball, can be said that the golden chicken independent backward jump shot is almost No The backward jump shot of the golden chicken can be said to be almost the exclusive patent of Horowitz, in his NBA career, with this move, he can be said to be a man to kill, Buddha to kill Buddha.

Dwayne Wade

The world's martial arts, the only fast not to break. The Wade, who is called the Flash, not only has amazing speed, but also makes a move with his excellent bouncing power and explosive power. The peak of Wade with the ball to accelerate the breakthrough to kill the box, then is to a pile of people, throwing himself in the air, in the multi-defender will score the ball, very difficult and ornamental ball skills, while killing the enemy 1000 self-loss 800 moves, in today's popular porcelain NBA can be said to be out of place. And with the retirement of Wade, this move can only be sealed in the memories of fans.

Sky Hook Jabber

I believe you must have heard the legend of the hooker, if you want to talk about the grandfather of the hooker, it has to mention the sky hook Jabber. Jabber is 2.18 meters tall, and is also the top of the line in the interior. Because the height is too high, Jab bar had been considered by many people just a height over the big man only. But the fact is that Jabber has excellent skills, especially in the hands. In high school, Jabber practiced hooking, Jabber can be left and right, and this one-handed ball up to the highest point of the shot way very difficult to defend. With this move of a perfect hook, Jabber dominated the first position of the NBA's all-time scoring list. Look now will only shoot three points, the big men do not know when the sky high to reappear in the jungle.

Fantasy feet Hake em Olajuwon

To mention the trick, then Olajuwon's dream footsteps is definitely the first class existence. As the ceiling of Olajuwon's famous stunt inside footwork technique, there are only a few players in history who can use the dream footwork, which also led to Kobe, Lebanon, Howard and other superstars to learn, but also Kobe learned the essence of it, to say how difficult this stunt is, look at the current Ibidem will know. The video of Olajuwon learning a few moves, it can be in today's NBA interior king.

Tim Duncan

The game is a great success, especially in the left and right wings, only to see Duncan turn back and forth to shake aiming at the rim to shoot, the ball like a bucket of stars, but behind this is a great effort of Duncan. According to statistics, Duncan has taken 1192 shots in his career, hitting the board shot as high as 60% or more, but because of the difficulty and ornamental is not high, in this three-point era, we no longer see who is using hitting the board shot as a signature. Well, this issue of the video ends here, you guys still. What are the court anecdotes? Welcome to leave a message in the comments section .


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