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Only 31 years old James value dropped from 85 million to 0.

The reason for James' unemployment

By Fei Ye LanPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

In recent days, the NBA free agent signing market gongs, before the Harrell defected to the former old brother Harden, Harden with a pay cut in exchange for the Philadelphia Rockets, next season Harden became the boss, Ibidem became the second, Maxi no longer dare to talk back. And the Bucks side is not idle, and Marking Morris signed a one-year contract, this signing undoubtedly hammered Nash's wolf ambition, this is to the small lineup to the end of the rhythm, the current Bucks lineup has seven guards less than 2 meters tall, more than 2 meters 10 tall only Ben Simmons and Zhao four, Simmons in Philadelphia position is the guard, and the outside world has been that the Bucks will be in Tristan Thompson And Master Hui in the middle of two choices, did not think they signed 2 meters 06 Morris.

Since then the Bucks have used up 15 official contracts, so Tristan Thompson has lost another chance to get another job in the NBA. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

When you look back at T's career, it's easy to see that his career highlights were all with James. Before James returned to the knight, Thompson, although also able to play an average of 10 +10 double-double data, as long as the height of 2 meters 08, he is only a relying on the body in the interior to eat cake blue-collar type center, playing efficiency is not high. In the first three seasons of his career, Thompson's shooting percentage did not even exceed 50%, which is obviously difficult for an inside player to be satisfied.

In the 14-15 season, James returned to Cleveland, and the team's lineup and style of play changed dramatically with the return of the old James. Tristan Thompson is undoubtedly one of the beneficiaries of this, due to the huge bonus of James' system, Thompson gets more and more opportunities to finish under the basket, and with the tilt of media attention and the desire to win the championship, Thompson becomes the "little fan" beside James, in that season his shooting percentage exceeded 60%! Although the average data may not seem to change much, but his role and help to the team is getting bigger and bigger, his finishing efficiency, blocking quality, and ability to rush to the rim all came to the highest level in his career, becoming one of the important puzzle pieces for the Cavaliers to win the championship.

During the 2015 off season, teams were flooded with offers for Tristan Thompson due to his much improved performance this past season. The Cavaliers first offered him a 4-year, $52 million contract, but who knew that Thompson's team simply did not buy it and scoffed at the contract, so the two sides began to renegotiate, and the entire summer ended before the two sides could reach a deal, and finally Old Jim stepped in to pressure the two sides to finally sign a 5-year, $85 million contract.

At the time, the American media accused James of meddling in the signing of the team, and said Thompson was not worth the price, but in the following season, the knight won the first championship trophy in the history of the team, and Thompson's performance in the finals also confirmed that the old James helped the knight management to make the right decision. In the finals against the warriors, RT Thompson is the most reassuring point outside the knight's big three, facing the warriors not very mature five small lineup, RT Thompson's advantage in the interior is magnified, he can score in the interior can cut cover can also grab the rebound, at the same time in the defensive end, he has a good defensive control ability, defensive smell is also very sensitive, collaborative defense awareness in the team is irreplaceable. The Knight won the game, he played an important role, for example, G, he cut 14 points 13 rebounds, G, he put down 15 rebounds, G is to play a first-class center dominance, data for 15 points 16 rebounds. It can be said that after the old James blew the Jedi comeback, Thompson is the one who rushed in the forefront and is an important figure of merit to win the championship.

A person in glory, will always become the focus of outside attention, and just broke up with Harden's NBA star terminator Ole Guardianship to find the championship center, RT Thompson began to paper, lights, but this period, the oldest brother James will also admonish his little brother, but in 2018 after the Knight was swept by the Warriors in the finals, James lost patience with all the resolutely left the Cavaliers. So far RT Thompson also lost the backbone, life is more indulgent, wantonly squander their youth and talent, their own shortcomings are exposed. The system is less additive, Thompson's offensive efficiency began to plummet, a pie-eating type of interior, became obsessed with sticky singles, and even delusional to act as an organizational center, turnovers after turnovers. When the Knight began to rebuild the focus on training newcomers, Thompson leaned on the old in front of the newcomers to command, and then the team could not stand him, refused to renew his contract.

After leaving the knight, Tristan Thompson began a wandering life, bouncing around the Celtics, Kings, Pacers and Bulls four teams, at first the Celtics also valued his championship experience, giving him a two-year $19 million contract, but playing to the back became a base salary contract, and now no one asked for, only 31 years old, he is afraid to come to the CA to get a job.


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