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My Review of 'Bleed for This'

by Brian Anonymous 3 years ago in fighting

A Typical Inspirational Boxing Movie but That's Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

I actually wanted to watch Bleed for This in theaters a while back when I first saw its trailer. Time passed by and I guess it was a limited run so I didn't get the chance to see it. Recently it popped up on Netflix and at first I didn't know what it was and then I remembered the trailer for it. So I finally got the chance to see it.

Bleed for This is based on a true story about a boxer named Vinny Pazienza. Vinny has been a world boxing champ for different weight classes and during the height of his career, he was in a horrific car accident that left him almost paralyzed. He continued to train despite what the accident had done to him because he wanted to continue to box. I've never heard of this boxer because I haven't followed boxing that closely. If this was actually what happened in his life, I have to say he truly is inspirational.

If you've seen the trailer to the movie you pretty much have an understanding of what's going to happen in the movie. It doesn't really deviate from where you think it's going to go. It kind of sucks that they had to give so much away in the trailer because really the car accident part of the movie doesn't happen until much later in the movie than I thought. Then again if people just do a Google search or Wikipedia this guy, they'll know what happens to him and the whole movie is spoiled anyways. For this review, I'll try not to spoil anything.

They spend a good chunk of the introduction of the movie getting to know the main characters and their motivations. I liked this direction because it made me more interested in the characters and I understood their motivations a little better. Also some people probably know Vinny's story or know where the story is going anyways so it's better to build the characters so that the audience will have more interest in them. There weren't really any moments where I questioned the character's motivations in what they were doing so that's a good thing as well.

They emphasized Vinny's tough as nails attitude, the flawed trainer's motivations, Vinny's dad's change in motivations, and Vinny's family's reactions. Some of the characters are kind of one note, like the sleazy HBO executives, but this isn't supposed to be a complicated movie. Sometimes we need these types of movies. It's nice to have straightforward stories once in a while.

The movie comes with a simple message at the end. I kind of questioned the message at first but I can totally get down with the message. I agree with it but at first I thought it was oversimplified but overthinking things is basically what they want us not to do.

This is a movie where you can sit down relax and cheer on Vinny while he goes through his trials and tribulations. I don't know if I regret missing this one in the theater. With the right atmosphere this movie could be fun to watch although there's really nothing crazy that makes this movie a must see in the theaters. The story is fine but there's nothing that leaps out at me visually or aurally.

This is a good movie that is worth watching if you're just rummaging through the movies to watch on Netflix. I was entertained from start to finish and I think a lot of you will be too. I give this movie a 7 out of 10. Some of the movie seemed a little cheesy but when they say this stuff actually happened, I think to myself, "Wow this is one incredible person. There's no way a person is that tough!"


Brian Anonymous

I have tons of opinions that change constantly. I watch a lot of movies and play video games. There are some articles on my struggles with languages and dance as well.

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