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Breakdown of the New A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Album

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The Bigger Artist 

Anytime a major album drops, fans and critics alike jump into Message Board to discuss the album. This week, Zach Cronin, Stone Strankman, and I break down the debut album from New York rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, The Bigger Artist. Make sure to listen to the album The Bigger Artist after the review, despite what you may hear.

What did you think of the Album?

Stone Strankman: I thought it was a super fun album, but I never got anything emotionally or even lyrically out of it. It is an upbeat, fun, musically-composed album, but it wasn't something I would listen to on a regular basis.

Justin Richards: I agree. There weren’t any great lines on this album. My favorite part is when A Boogie raps, "we went from the projects to making projects."

Zach Cronin: I've never listened to A Boogie before, but this impressed me. It was a solid debut from an up-and-coming artist who flows effortlessly over all the tracks. Nothing too deep lyrically or conceptually. It has a couple of songs that stand out, but it's clear he's not the kind of artist you can put in the top-tier of rap. My favorite line is when he says, "heard you got a big body but a little face." I think it's the voice that makes it sound kind of cartoony.

Strankman: He can get a fuck load of radio play or frat house party play just because some of his stuff is catchy and repetitive. People can memorize the hooks and chorus so easily, but there weren't any songs that blew me away.

Cronin: I feel the same. He's really easy to listen to though, which is a plus.

Richards: I just keep saying to myself, "What white kid is going to ask me to pass him the aux so he could play 'Say A' from this album?"

What was the best song?

Cronin: I was dreading that question.

Strankman: Either "Unhappy" or "No Promises."

Cronin: I want to be a hypebeast and say "Drowning," but only if we take away Kodak Black's verse. And that's a cop-out, I know.

Richards: LMAO, I'm going with "Undefeated." 21 Savage is taking no L's right now, I don't care what the internet says. There are about five songs that have the same quality as "Drowning" that could get radio play.

Cronin: If you twisted my wrist, I'd say "Stalking You."

What was the worst song?

Cronin: Kodak's verse on "Drowning." He sounds like he can't read. JK. Kinda.

Strankman: There wasn't a definite worst song on the album; almost every song was repetitive. If you need a ghostwriter to write a chorus that's catchy and will get you listen, then get with A Boogie. But, if you're looking for a lyricism master, then A Boogie is not your dude. However, Kodak's verse was the absolute lowest point of the album.

Strankman: When Kodak Black rapped, "I'm the shit/I'm fartin'/I don't know how to potty." He was doing his best J.Cole shit.

Cronin: LMAO. I'm not going to listen to A Boogie and expect Kendrick Lamar level storytelling.

Richards: It's hard for me to hate the young aux lord Metro Booming, but "Get To You" was horrible, almost crashed my car on the second listen.

Could Drake have done this album better?

Stankman: Drake could brag way better than A Boogie, and Drake and 21 were super dope on "Sneaking," so that's what I got. Almost every song was a "Drake" kind of song. Something catchy that will never stop playing on the radio.

Richards: The whole album was basically Drake's "So Far Gone"or the slightly less rap version of, "If You're Reading This Now, It's Too Late."

Cronin: Any song focused on girls is very Drake. I'm unqualified to answer this question in-depth because I don't listen to Drake at all.

Richards: @Cronin, leave the group.

Cronin: Don't tempt me.

Final A Boogie wit da Hoodie thoughts:

Cronin: In a vacuum, this project was a 7/10, but compared to others in his tier, probably closer to an 8 or an 8.5.

Cronin: I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of artists start looking his way for that stuff. Like I don't want to mention him with Travis Scott, but you know how any song that features him is great? LIKE SCOTT SOUNDED INCREDIBLE ON LOVE GALORE WTF.

Cronin: But I have to be in the mood to listen to a project from him.

Strankman: Yeah, I don't mind A Boogie. He was good, not great. He'll be good for radio (which I don't listen to), so in my opinion, he's a 6.5/10.

Richards: A Boogie: 6.5/10. Drake version: 10/10.

Justin Richards
Justin Richards
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