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Martial Arts Exaggerated

by Johann Hollar 11 days ago in fighting

A world of fighting story

Martial Arts Exaggerated

Welcome back to the world of fighting. This piece that I am writing to you, the reader, is on how popular culture makes the Martial Arts look bigger than what it really is.

The picture you see above is from the popular anime/manga series "Hokuto No Ken" also called "Fist of the North Star".

While the fighting styles in the series are fictitious, they are however an exaggeration of real life martial arts.

Granted, the notion of striking pressure points as used by Kenshiro to win a fight is not uncommon in the Martial Arts world. The thing about Hokuto Shinken is that by striking someone at certain points by channeling one's energy causing one to explode. Sometimes if used right, it can heal a person. Pressing on pressure points with no harmful intentions may be good for you, but they ain't going to cure all what ails you.

The Nanto styles are the opposite of Hokuto. Hokuto destroys from within, whereas Nanto based attacks would be similar to that of stabbing and slicing, only it is done so with punch and kick-based attacks. Two other styles in this series are Gento Kōken, a ki-based projectiles that destroys the opponent on the cellular level. The other is Hokuto Ryūken, similar to Hokuto Shinken that kills one through their keiraku hakō (経絡破孔) or destructive channel points, that also teaches the users to summon "demonic aura".

According to "Ramon Antonio Bennett Ryuuken Studied Martial arts. Blue-belt in Jujitsu, Red-belt in Kenpo" on Quora, he makes the best descriptions of the martial arts techniques used in the Hokuto series.

He states "There is an anime dvd call New Fist of the North star, and there are 3 featurettes on the discs that go into detail where The martial art Hokuto Shinken comes from. They are Jiujitsu, Muay Thai and Wing Chun/ Baijiquan. Hokuto Shinken - Beidoshenquan(Northern) Baijquan and Assassination Jiujitsu,

Hokuto Ryuken- Wing Chun and Assassination Jiujitsu and Muay Thai

Hokuto Sankaken- Wing Chun and Northern Shaolin

Hokuto Tenkaken(Hokumon no ken)- Muay Thai and Assassination Jiujitsu."


Street Fighter series

You have fighting styles like Boxing (Balrog and Dudley), Capoeira (Elena) Muay Thai (Sagat and Adon), Wrestling (Zangief) Taekwondo (Shin and Juri) and Kickboxing (Deejay) which are real styles of martial arts.

But then you have the fictitious fighting styles like Psycho Power that is a negative and evil energy used primarily by Street Fighter antagonist M. Bison, along with the more positive side of Psycho Power called Soul Power used by Rose. Bushinryu (practiced by Guy) is a form of Ninjitsu and Ansatsuken (practiced by Akuma). It is said that Ryu also practices the same style as a Akuma, but Ryu doesn't wish to become evil like Akuma. He just wants to be the strongest warrior in the world.

Other styles of fighting are inspired by real life styles. Matsuda Jiu-jitsu (practiced by Laura) is loosely based off of Brazilian Jujitsu. Kanzuki Style of martial arts according to the website (https://streetfighter.fandom.com/wiki/Kanzuki_Style_Martial_Arts) is based off of a combination of styles such as: karate, judo, aikido, sambo, muay thai, taekwondo, amateur wrestling, bajiquan, koppo, Shaolin kung fu, tai chi chuan, bagua-zhang and piguaquan. It also believed that the Kanzuki style is more similar to Bajiquan.

The point I would like to conclude with is that while many of these styles of fighting are pretty cool, there is no way you will ever be able to throw fireballs, perform Shoryuken/Tatsumaki or do a Sonic Boom no matter how hard or how long you practice.

In the End

The martial arts is enjoyable to watch in fiction even if you don't practice any style at all. But the use of the real martial arts in fiction does not mean the techniques and styles are being done right nor does studying them make you a martial arts expert

You want to be good at the martial arts, join a dojo/gym/school, be ready to sweat hard, and if you commit yourself long enough you will be a martial arts expert.

Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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