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Martial Arts and Philosophy

by Johann Hollar 2 years ago in fighting
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The Six Types


Having done the Martial Arts since I was 16 was the best decision with my life. I dread the idea of what I could have been if I didn't. But that's not what's important here.

What is important is that I have been in and out of the martial arts world long enough to know things and eventually like all the masters and founders who came before me, develop a philosophy concerning the Martial Arts.

I am wanting to write a piece concerning the Martial Arts and Philosophy.

I have no idea how many ideas will come down the line after this piece, but I will worry about it later.

This piece concerns my opinion on 5 different methods of the martial arts.

1) Bar Room Brawling, Street Fighting and Self-Taught Fighting

While these concepts are familiar in popular culture, they are not real styles of martial arts.

Bar Room brawling is very common in some of the old western shows and movies, along with real examples in life (like sports fans when one team loses). But the techniques that are involved are hardly that of a real fighter.

For starters, the people brawling could have provoked the others which in turn led to fight. Well-disciplined martial artists don't look for an excuse to provoke a fight. Secondly, people can get seriously hurt and I am not talking about punches, kicks, throws, and joint locks. I am talking about broken bottles, knives, chairs and even pool sticks that can be used as weapons. Again, well -disciplined martial artists don't need weapons of opportunity, they are weapons of opportunity.

Street Fighting pretty much has the same concept as Bar Room brawling. It would not surprise me if groin shots, eye gouging and kicking someone on the ground techniques are used. Weapons such as knives and brass knuckles would likely make appearances in street fighting.

Self-taught fighting has no ranking system, no master, and you're bound to forget the proper way to perform certain techniques.

To summarize: the methods of fighting are inferior fighting styles.

2) Entertainment Fighting

You are obviously aware of what the first photo is from, but the one below it is an example of Foxy Boxing.

Both these examples of fighting are not inferior fighting like 1) but to call these real fighting would not be accurate.

You notice how the women are dressed in both forms of fighting. It seems like it's a step down from porn. While the men in WWE tend to have looks of flash and flair, nothing that gives the impression of real fighting.

While I do not doubt that both the men and women have some training in some grappling or striking arts, you cannot say that they are fighting techniques. To say they are for show would be accurate.

3) Self-defense/Cardio Kickboxing

Self-defense courses and Cardio Kickboxing are not martial arts in the sense of having ranks and masters. They are martial arts in the sense that the individuals who practice them are staying in shape and defending themselves from attackers.

Knowing how to protect oneself is the most important factor here, but knowing these methods of fighting does not mean you can take on the world or provoke fights. That would contradict the purpose of the self-defense concepts of martial arts.

4) Combat/Law Enforcement

What is taught to members of military and law enforcement is primary used to quickly de-escalate the situation or if you are a combat soldier to survive a hostile situation.

Combat soldiers are known to use bayonets, knives, trenching shovels and the occasional butt of gun. Whereas law enforcement has police batons.

Most of the martial arts in law enforcement/combat troops is inspired by the mixed-martial arts. So, to say that this a form of martial arts would be true.


5) Sport Fighting

Nothing much to say here on the subject from the pictures that are seen. But don't rule out the mixed-martial arts too. It is also a sport fighting.

One thing that they lack at time is a certain philosophy.

Granted, Muhammad Ali had his moments where he said something deep while doing boxing, but how many boxers have been as deep as him.

Simply put it, these are real techniques, but it's mostly muscle and weight training.

6) Traditional Martial Arts

The kind of martial arts most people are familiar with.

There are many styles ranging from Kung-Fu to Dambe to Taekwondo to Shotokan Karate, there are many styles that would be considered traditional martial arts.

These styles come in three categories: Grappling (Judo) Weapons (Iaido) and Striking (Karate). There are more examples of course, but the martial arts world is too large for one post.


About the author

Johann Hollar

I had attended Minnesota State University Mankato where I received my Bachelors in History with a Minor in Philosophy and has yet to find work with such credentials. So here I am to write up a storm.

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