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By Rich MonettiPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read

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Baseball Team Hopes to Forge Success out of Last Season’s Heartbreak

Last year, John Jay ended their season with three exciting games versus Panas. Two of the victories going to the Panthers, there’s no doubt the Wolves have the sectional champs in their sights. “Oh yeah, one hundred percent,” said Nolan Rhodes, “We want to win.” But the third baseman is still putting first things first.

“We got to make sure, everyone knows their role on this team,” he said.

Of course, he knows his part. “I got to clean up my play in the field and stick with hitting the ball well,” Rhodes said.

In agreement, Nick Fassert might show section one a slider this year but rolling down the hill will mostly be status quo for the senior. “I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing,” the Wolf revealed.

That said, he’s actually looking to throw the change in the batter’s box. “I want to focus on my hitting and be more consistent,” said Fassert.

On the mound too, Storch was there already as a hitting pitcher. A .362 average in his freshman year, he wants to do more to catch up to the fastball and pick out the right pitches to hit.

Also at shortstop, Storch did get schooled in the postseason after he felt he got off to a great start in the field. A bunch of bad hops coming his way in Eastchester, he has learned from the experience. “I have a whole different view of fielding,” said Storch.

A sophomore now, he’s getting his first taste of leadership. “Luke Fisch is a freshman. “It’s kind of cool guiding him around in what to do in the infield,” said Storch.

The right approach, Fassert extrapolates. “I’m really excited for this year,” said the pitcher.

“We got to keep working hard out there every day.”

A baseline that emerged in part from the heartbreak of defeat, according to assistant coach Ken Santoianni. “It forged this team. So it made them a closer unit, and they’ve brought that with them for this year,” he concluded.

Softball Team Runs on Competitive Edge

Around the horn, softball is here again, and Wolves are ready to trumpet in the new season So Coach Steve DelMoro started in the circle with his senior hurler.

“It all comes down to maturity and being able to be a leader,” said the coach of Emma Klares.

Of course, the starter has company. “She’s a strong pitcher, a strong fielder and a great kid,” DelMore referenced freshman starter Riley Foote.

At the same time, Foote isn’t just standing pat. “She’s maturing, getting stronger from all the time in the weight room and confidence has her understanding that she belongs at this level,” said DelMoro.

The explosive bat doesn’t hurt either and neither does the trio that rounds out the staff. “We have Julia Neumann, Maria DeGaetano and Natalie Sacco,” said DelMoro.

The hurlers also have almost enough catchers to have their personal own. Eight grader Elise Templeton, Riley Sacco and Erin Samuelson can all do duty, but Carys Cooper is returning as the starter. “She is an absolute stud,” boasted DelMoro of the freshman.

The runner going, Laney Daly returns at short. “She’s a great overall player, great leadoff hitter and also won the John Jay bar slam,” said DelMoro.

Good for the strongest female in the school, she loves the weight room, according to the coach. But it’s not determined yet who will hold down the infield with her. Julia Neumann, Amanda Kelly, Clare Doherty and Riley Sacco all in the mix, he said. “There’s healthy competition at every position.”

In the outfield, Bella Barry will return in centerfield and the rest is open in that regard too. No problem, DelMoro concluded, “We got kids that can play. We’ll see who has the hot hand and go from there."


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