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How Deserving Is OBJ of the Highest Paid Title?

Underpaid and still producing massive numbers. Why Odell Beckham Jr. is on the crest of being one of the highest paid players in the NFL

By Zach GothardPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Is Odell worthy of QB money?

As of today the highest paid player in the NFL is newly signed Oakland Raiders quarter back Derick Carr at 25 million per year on average. Number 2 and 3 on the list are also quarter backs — Andrew Luck, and Drew Brees come in just short at 24.6 million per year and 24.3 million. So the question has to be asked, how big of a leap would it be for OBJ to gain the top spot as a wide receiver considering it is a quarter back driven league? The answer would be massive and even then that may be an understatement.

A wide receiver hasn't held a top 5 spot on this list in over ten years. The last being Andre Johnson in 2007. In fact, no wide receiver cracks the top 5, 10, 15, or even top 20 spot on this list for 2017. The first wide receiver comes in at 22nd and that is Antonio Brown who signed a nice new deal paying him 17 million per year. While 17 million is nothing to laugh at, it still comes in a whopping 8 million short of Derick Carr’s top spot. So how far down do you have to go to find OBJ’s name on this list? You’d have to go down roughly 500 spots to find his name. That's right, OBJ is currently the 539th highest paid player in the league at 2.1 million per year. Considering the fact that through three seasons OBJ has yet to have less than 10 touchdowns and 1300 yards in any season and will make 1/3rd of what receivers Tavon Austin, Eric Decker, and Robert Woods are making this next season. All of which will make 6 million or more and none of them have had multiple seasons of over 1000 yards and 10 plus touch downs. What's even crazier to think about is that 35 NFL wide receivers will receive 5 million this next season. Still over double of what OBJ will receive. So it’s fair to realize OBJ’s frustration.

OBJ needs to turn to Antonio Brown’s contract as a bench mark. Beckham will hit the free agency market after the 2018 season and will be right in his prime at the age of 26. For a reference Antonio Brown turned 29 this year and just signed his new deal. OBJ will have some questions coming into free agency similar to Antonio Brown. OBJ showed a lack of maturity going on a boating trip a week before the Giants play off game in which he played absolutely dreadful in, recording only 4 catches on 11 targets for just 28 yards.

After the game Odell did anything but silence doubters as he apparently punched a hole in the stadium wall. Not to mention his fight with the kicking net and Josh Norman. His talent is worth every single penny but is he a player you can develop a franchise around?

Lambeau took a beating

I don't think you can judge Odell from these actions. At age 24 Odell has stayed out of trouble, his biggest fault is his overall passion for the game, which is an area you can expect him to get better at with more time in the league. I also don’t think NFL teams will not view these issues with much value when deciding on whether or not to pursue Odell. Even after Antonio Brown’s locker room incident he still was able to haul in a massive 4 year 58 million dollar deal.

On top of all of this Odell should be in for a massive year. With newly acquired Brandon Marshall on the opposite side of him, teams will not be able to keen in on the red zone threat. Sterling Shepard should also improve on a stellar rookie campaign, which could only be beneficial for Beckham. The point is Odell won’t settle. He’s going on year 4 of being a massive bargain for the Giants. When his time comes he’ll shoot for a contract in the 25 million a year ball park and while that may seem outrageous now don’t be surprised if the Giants, or another team in the NFL doesn't pull the trigger. Odell is an elite wide receiver who can change any game with one play. Don’t expect anything different when it comes for his time to get paid. Even if he does not get the rights to the highest paid player, expect Odell to end the ten year drought for wide receivers and jump into the top 5.


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