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Hot Hen Hud Goalie is too Much for John Jay in Triple OT Loss

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By Rich MonettiPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

John Jay went to Hen Hud on Tuesday May 9 and played their game. The Wolves hit their passes, made the plays on defense and put the shots on goal. But the girls ran into a goalie who didn’t care about any of that, and when the game finally ended, John Jay knew exactly how much.

Carolyn Clark’s goal in triple overtime gave the Sailors a 6-5 win and all the Wolves could do was run up the flag in respect to Maddie Porter.

Porter didn’t wait to get a starter either. After the draw win, Mia Puccio found Annabel Brennan on the move and landing front and center meant little to Porter. She twirled her stick and the first shot deflected wide.

Far from the half of it, the Hen Hud offense came to play too. After JoJo Degl couldn’t handle a Brennan pass, the Sailors got up the field and Paige Montgomery made the most of the set up. She came from behind and hit Kayla McCarthy with a step toward the goal. The midfielder received and beat Molly Gallagher for a 1-0 lead.

At 20:28, John Jay had another draw win, and Porter had another amazing save at point blank. But no magician is perfect - especially when Brennan and Puccio start waiving their wands.

On the way upfield, Brennan dumped off to Puccio and she sent a laser to Nicole DiNapoli. Taking the pass above shoulder level, DiNapoli unleashed, and the score was tied at one with 18:29 left in the half.

The next draw then going to the home team, Hen Hud made do again. After Finja Degl got whistled above the crease, Carleigh Ortiz made the penalty shot, and Hen Hud had a 2-1 lead at 15:50.

John Jay did their thing nonetheless. Degl won the face, got the ball to Puccio, and she dropped the ball into Brennan. The whistle was blown, Brennan opted to pass on the penalty shot and Amelia Inglis was in prime position on the goal line. Unfortunately, Porter owned the real estate and she pulled the lease.

She stood down Inglis with her catcher and that put McCarthy on the docket again. She danced the goal line and was able to stuff a shot past Gallagher for a 3-1 lead at 11:47.

Jane Brennan made sure the lead wouldn’t enlarge, though. She stripped the ball in the John Jay zone, and Puccio got the girls on the run. No difference, Porter stopped Degl this time on the penalty shot and back the other way it went.

But John Jay had a goalie too. Gallagher intercepted a pass from behind and Porter’s number was up this time. Degl galloped up the field, passed to Kayla Shapiro and Puccio would not be denied out front

A 3-2 game with 6:42 left in the half, Porter even got into the act offensively. In possession, she leisurely walked up to the 20 and Shannon Nolan didn’t oblige. So Porter took off and didn’t relinquish the ball until reaching the John Jay 30.

From there, John Jay got whistled again, and Clark’s goal closed the half with a 4-2 Hen Hud lead. An unfamiliar place for John Jay, the alarm was obviously sounded and the urgency was quickly apparent out of intermission.

Jay won the face and Brennan made sure Hen Hud saw her grimace. On the right she drew the double, and as she fell away, her pass hit Inglis high. The attacker gathered and a backhand overhead made it a one goal game at 23:34.

Gallagher then took her turn. McCarthy penetrated on the goal line and the denial put her team en route to a tie. Of course, Brennan began the itinerary. Again drawing defenders on the right, she passed back to Nolan and Degl was soon receiving on the inside. No hesitation the sophomore shot down for a 4-4 game with 21:17 left in the game.

Two minutes later, John Jay restored sanity and Degl put Hen Hud on the couch. She took a pass from Puccio and cut and weaved her way into a 5-4 lead.

No surprise, John Jay did not let up and neither did Porter. Receiving inside from Nolan, Shapiro was face to face with the net minder, but the five yards could have been a mile. Porter reached up, deflected and snatched the ball from the air with 8:47 left in regulation.

Back and forth the ball went until a mishandled pass was picked up by Jane Brennan. Five minutes to kill and John Jay moved the ball and the clock. That is until the girls thought they had their shot.

Nolan passed into Puccio with no one in front. Except Porter and she again reached up to deny with 2:49 remaining. Setting up, Caitlyn Pignatano got tripped up in front and scored on the penalty.

Keeping their heads up anyway, John Jay won the draw and Deja Vu again. This time Puccio passed into Brennan and Porter’s catcher got in the way again to close the first 50 minutes.

Unfortunately, Porter was just getting started. She made no less than three remarkable saves through two overtime and probability had to have its say.

Hen Hud won the third OT draw, and Jay was hit with the whistle. Gallagher made a great save on the penalty shot. But Clark got the rebound and Hen Hud rushed to their goalie in victory.


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