Fight Night Woodley vs Burns

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Fight Night Woodley vs Burns


Now for this fight I want to focus on the main card and my predictions for who will be bagging the win. I'm straight off the bat a Woodley Fan so I'm looking for him to win the match but lets focus on the others before we get to the main fight.

Mackenzie v Hannah - Strawweight

Both fighters I know nothing about but I will be doing an analysis for all fighters on my YouTube channel so you should definitely go and check that out at Now these two girls are the same age so experience between the two would not be drastic unless one started fighting in their late 20's ouch!! Machenzie is a bit taller with a longer reach just slightly and they both weigh the same. Off the bat Hannah might have the advantage as she is slightly shorter which will give her more speed. What their background is in fighting doesn't mean anything to me I will have to look at their previous fights and see how they adapt in the ring. If they are both good fighters Hannah should win this as she has got more wins under her belt but seen as Mackenzie only has one lost out of 7 fights I give this win to Mackenzie.

Roosevelt v Brok - Lightweight

Another two fighters I don't know much about, both around the same age again with Brok being two years older. Roosevelt is slightly higher but the reach on both fighters is the same so this should be a pretty good match up. Guys in UFC can be pretty brutal using their hands a lot with some leg kicks to win the fight. Depending on their background there might be some grappling or jujitsu. Looking at their stats and I'm sure they both train hard, Brok has 14 wins on his belt which is pretty impressive but 4 loses. Roosevelt has 9 wins and 1 loss. They are pretty evenly matched this could go to a decision. I will give Roosevelt the win as he's not coming in with that mentality I might loose. My decision might change when I actually watch their latest fights but for now Roosevelt for the win.

Kevin v Daniel - Welterweight

I usually just pay attention to the UFC major fights and the fight night cards have people I don't know lol. Again I don't know these two but will give my prediction, the YouTube video will have better insight go check that out. So, Daniel is older than Kevin by 6 years so it seems he should be a pretty seasoned fighter if he started from a young age. Kevin is the taller fighter with a much longer reach. Now when I look at their stats Kevin has more experience 17 fights with 5 loses. Daniel has a good win streak with 10 wins and one 1 lost. Because we are at Welterweight division weight sometimes play a factor in this category and Kevin's got more wins. Though Daniel is consistent on his wins I feel Kevin being younger and having more fights might have the upper hand. For me Kevin for the win, its going to be so funny when I watch their fights later my opinion could change.

Blogoy v Augusto - Heavyweight

OK so these two are very close in age with Blogoy being older. Augusto is taller and heavier by 7 kg with a much longer reach. Now this is the Co-main event and it's looking pretty interesting. I would love to see what makes Blagoy special as he is outclassed in weight and reach but has more wins under his belt. To be honest I can't see Augusto loosing here, he has 14 wins with 1 lost and 1 draw. All UFC fighters are skilled so I won't question his ability but when I watch there latest fights I'll be able to judge who has got the edge. For now I'm going to give the win to Augusto as he's younger, bigger and more consistent with his wins.

Tyron v Gilbert - Welterweight

And finally we are at the Main Card, what I've been dreaming of for soo long. You know I got Tyron for the win but lets dig in and see what we got here. So both fighters have the same amount of wins and loses, its pretty close hence why they have been matched up. Gilbert is taller with a shorter reach and they both weigh in at 77.1 kg. I don't know who Gilbert is so I will definitely be looking at his videos later on to see what he is about. He's got a monster on his hands though, Tyron is fast, explosive and a damn good wrestler. Since his last fight he is super focus now and much better than before. I felt his fight with Kamaru Usman was very close and not exactly a complete win in my eyes so Kamaru is lucky to be in his position but he did well non the less. That being said Gilbert has a long night ahead of him and my opinion of-course is Tyron for the win. Please do check out my YouTube Channel to see when I upload the reaction to seeing Gilbert for the first time and see whether I think Tyron is still going to win.

Thank You

I want to say thank you for tuning in if you have been reading my articles and I hope to see you over at my main platform YouTube, Peace.

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