Into the Hidden World

An Eternalk Production

Into the Hidden World
Before it all began, she knew something was coming.


The time has come where a mysterious virus has taken over the world and one young child has been warned, waiting for this day. It is up to her to free the world from this pandemic, she must enter 'the hidden world' and release mankind from the control of the Kemetians.


We've always questioned where we came from but who would have guessed that this crisis would have brought true meaning to life. This is not the life for a young girl but its amazing how she takes on the lost of her father who has prepared her for this day and she discovers what she is capable of and what she really is.

Plot (Story)

The story begins with a child next to her father who is loosing his life due to the an outbreak of a mysterious virus in the world. Angelica is calm but at a lost for words as she never expected this day to come. At only 7 years old she is the only one who understands what needs to be done right now and must put away her childish ways to focus on the job at hand. She takes a moment to remember all the fun and good times she had with her Dad and begins to understand why he spent so much time with her, he must of knew this day was coming. Not far from where she lives she enters into a forest from the guidelines written down by her dad. Her body start to react in a strange way but she somehow knows what is going on and transports into a new world. Passing through another dimension somehow she seems to be in the same place but everything appears different. Her body reacts to the change and she is able to do remarkable things. Create light, see farther, move faster and more importantly feel much stronger. These new powers give her a sense of security but what is she meant to do with this and why all of a sudden all these changes are happening?

She can't explain what is going on but she can hear thoughts deep within her mind leading her to where she needs to be. She trusts the voices and follow the the path to the unknown. She is lead to a very strange place full of void, it doesn't even seem as though she is on the planet anymore. One by one stars start to appear and slowly light starts to come to life and as she looks out into the distance she sees the most amazing thing and its clear that she's no longer on earth and a whole new civilisation stands before her.

Next Trailer

This is currently in production and looking forward to releasing the new trailer showing more details. Second trailer will focus more on transporting into a new world and discovering of her powers. The key to this whole production is focusing on what exactly is Kemet where the Kemitions live and what will Angelica discover when she enters into this new world. Leave a comment or like if you can and let me know if you're interested in seeing more on YouTube. The next trailer will definitely spark more interest.

How I Film (The Motivation behind the project)

This production I'm trying to use a more natural feel while filming, its all done on my phone and I'm experimenting. The young lady in the film is my daughter and I give her very little detail. I'm trying to capture moments where its all very natural not planned at all. Obviously for a proper film production I will need to make more effort but this is my way of easing in the art of filming. I got some good feedback when I showed a few friends but I'm more interested in getting some opinions from others who aren't friends and more likely to be less bias. If I get more interest then this would be super dope and I can dig deeper and have more motivation to push this. Also since we are currently going through an actual crisis and I'm on lock-down and have no work this is the next best thing. Don't let me down YouTube hopefully I develop more interest in the public.

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Kelvin Hewlett
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