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Dr. Michael Estes | Seven awesome tips that will help you get better at baseball

Once again, a warm welcome to all, all my favorite people! I am Dr.Michael Estes, an all-time father, a seasoned physician, owner of Intessa Okemos, a loving husband, a boat restoration enthusiast, a dog lover, and as well a baseball specialist.

By Dr. Michael EstesPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Once again, a warm welcome to all, all my favorite people! I am Dr.Michael Estes, an all-time father, a seasoned physician, owner of Intessa Okemos, a loving husband, a boat restoration enthusiast, a dog lover, and as well a baseball specialist. I love baseball with all my soul and a burning passion for pitching and hitting balls up in the sky. My friends and I have spent most of our academic years religiously admiring baseball as a sport, fangirling about our favorite pitchers, and worshipping NYC! (NYC has a special place in my heart!) The people in my friend circle and I used to mostly spend our free time on either the stairs or the field. When we were pursuing my bachelor's from the very prestigious California State University, Long Beach, in 1999, the readers who know who have read my previous blog probably know about coach Michael Shawn. He used to really push us to our limits and encourage us with his pitching stories. My roommates and I were regular attendees of his everyday practice sessions and soon got into playing baseball for our team.

My friend and I greatly honed the skill of pitching a ball and wielding the bat to hit a pacing ball mid-air. Soon, I was one of the lead pitchers and batsmen of our college team. We conquered the ground and won lots of trophies and tournaments in our college years. Even to this day, I am highly active in the field. Whenever it is a weekend or an off day for me, I try to visit my college and its baseball ground to swing my old wooden baseball. I scribed "Michael Estes" in the corner to mark the bat with my name to whom this bat belongs. And, today, I am here to tell you guys that how to a skilled pitcher and a batter.

Here are some of the awesome tip from Dr. Michale Estes:

Hitting against a firm front side.

This doesn't generally mean a solid leg, and you can have a slight twist, yet this leg is keeping the remainder of your body and hands behind the baseball. This leg will stop your forward energy and start the pivot of revolution that you will currently be hitting on. This is vital; you lose this firm front side, you lose a ton of bat speed, and your head development radically increments.

Have your back foot on its toe

At the point when you submit your rear and choose to swing, the power you produce going toward the baseball will be suddenly halted by your firm front side so you can begin pivot; what's left is your back toe on or marginally off the ground.

The hands are in a palm up, palm down position.

On a privilege gave hitter, in the event that you removed the bat at contact and had him open up his hands, his correct hand ought to confront straight up towards the sky (or getting the cash), and the left hand ought to confront the ground. This bat hold is the most impressive position you can be in contact with.

Head ready.

For example, you see the ball at its contact point. This may be self-evident. However, it's not straightforward. Realizing how to hit a baseball begins with realizing how to see the ball. The most effective method to be a superior baseball hitter – Seeing the Baseball speaks more about the significance of this point, just as certain tips to improve your capacity to see the baseball.

Your back knee, back hip, and head ought to be in an orderly fashion.

Contemplation is to put a shaft in the ground through your knee, hip, and head and pivot around that post. That guarantees you are not very far forward losing power and not very far bat getting tied up and having a difficult conflicting swing.

Your head ought to be directly in the center of your feet.

Consider it a triangle; define three boundaries between your head and two feet. A triangle is a solid underlying article utilized in numerous applications (rooftop joists and so forth), So being in a solid triangle will be the most grounded conceivable situation for your body. Additionally, it permits you to pivot on a hub with insignificant head development.

The top arm is bowed.

In a perfect world, you need your elbow planted immovably against your side. This is the place where you are generally amazing. The nearer your elbow is to your body, the more force you can make as you turn. The farther your elbow gets as you fix it, the more you are losing force and influence and making the power of the baseball all the more remarkable against you.


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Dr Michael Estes, a Lansing area doctor, and owner/CEO of Intessa Medical Marijuana Clinic in Okemos. Dr Michael Estes has 33 years of experience in his field of expertise and currently working as emergency department physician.

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