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child at the end of

child at the end of

By Latonya FencherPublished 10 months ago 4 min read

"If you live, remember that I love you!" This is a widely circulated online post, an unknown mother, with their own weak back against the collapse of the house, with a warm embrace to care for the sleeping baby, she left the child at the end of the last words is: "Dear baby, if you can live, must remember I love you!" When rescuers found the mother, she had been crushed to death by the collapsed house. After clearing the debris, she was found lying beneath her child. The child, about three or four months old, had been carefully wrapped in a small comforter with yellow flowers and a red background, and was found unharmed, sleeping peacefully. When the rescue doctor opened the quilt for the child to check, he found a mobile phone stuffed in the quilt, and the doctors saw a written text message: Dear baby, if you can live, must remember that I love you! Mobile phones were passed around the scene, and everyone who saw the text was in tears. Chen Jian, 26 years old, Xiuren of Anxian County, Mianyang. After 80 hours of fighting for his life, he left us. At 4 PM on May 15, Chen Jian had been supporting 73 hours under the rubble, on the way, he had wanted to give up his life many times, but he was worried that his child would be born without a father.Youth, how beautiful and dreamy a word, it is like life, are happy, but also full of challenges and hardships...... Youth like life, the road is long, can not be flat, also have potholes, we can take it as we want to challenge the object, not afraid, to be brave, can also do well. In my life, there is such a "sunshine angel". He, is one of my neighbors, people grow tall, some handsome, in the rainy season, he likes to dance, the dream is to be a dancer. However, life does not do what he wants: on a certain day of the month he had a car accident, in which he took his right leg, which means that his paradise destroyed a dancer who lost his right leg. No longer able to dance, can only live a disabled life in a wheelchair at first, his will to live is very low, very grumpy, always have a kind of impulse to die. But one day, the story of a little tin soldier completely changed his life... He began to abandon his wheelchair, began to practice standing, fell again and again, and failed again and again, and did not eliminate his faith in life... Finally, one day, he stood up, the sun shining into the room, his face flashing a triumphant smile, his arms outstretched like an angel. One day, I asked him: You practice standing, always fall, always fail, no pain no tired? He smiled, and then said firmly in a tone: Of course I am painful, of course I am tired, but I will not give up, I am full of hope for life, how old am I? In the rainy season, how can I waste my youth because of this little thing? It is the fall and failure once again to strengthen my confidence in the future, even if can not dance, but that what? I want to be a small tin soldier in the sun, be the master of fate! Life is full of challenges and frustrations, but we can not easily give up, fall down to climb up, tell yourself not to cry, we have to believe in life, encourage youth, even if life abandoned us, but we still can not give up a glimmer of hope... In front of the youth, there are better things waiting for us..... Dynamic youth stimulates every cell of the body, sweat and smile to shape the youth itself. Colorful reverie holding colorful yearning, hiking in eagerness. Spread rice paper, with light watercolor - outline a struggle of spring. Use time to draw a beautiful arc, tell us: seize the present, prepare for the future, youth is very beautiful, we have to give ourselves courage, tell ourselves: to work hard to be strong

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