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Ten thousand trees by

Ten thousand trees by

By Latonya FencherPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

"Ten thousand trees by the river apricot, a new night wind." Winter snow can no longer collect the mountain full of green, spring thunder a show of Qingwan singing voice, singing from the cloud, wake up the sleep of a winter rain. So the rain woke up the sleeping wind girl, fell into the mountain stream, fell into the field, gathered into a flow, playing the "big pearl small pearl disc" like the movement, warm burning through the heavy winter cold, mixed with wet fragrance, running forward. Therefore, the water is green, the mountains are green, and the sky is green; The flowers opened, the trees sprouted, and the swallows flew back from the south. At last, spring is coming! A year's plan begins with spring. The birds began to measure the sky, the butterflies began to count the flowers, the bees began to make books on the flowers, the grass began to weave the earth's green blanket, the bright yellow moss began to line the eyebrows for the tiles on the eaves, the peach trees began to dress up the withered cold old branches, the wind began to cut the slender willow leaves, and the wind, or to the window that scattered wind bells to remember it. A pool of stagnant water in the lotus pond is still guarding its old stem with dark leaves and withered flowers; cold smoke from thousands of houses is still surrounding its protrusion window; the light rain and thin wind and thick mist cloud still cage the dim and sad shadow by the water's edge..... In fact, spring is an endless book. Spring is a prose, in the spring, all the forms of countless illusions and impermanence all show the vitality of life "form dispersing God condensing"; Spring is a book of poetry, whether it is flowers, insects, birds or landscapes, rain and dew, can be recited from the fascinating artistic conception; Spring is a novel, every twist and turn of the plot, every beautiful story is thus kicked off; Spring is a fable, showing us the meaning of life everywhere... In fact, spring is a book that can not be read, she with a simple natural breath, let people forget in the frustration of the cold star fall ice like the bone desolate, evoke the endless period of human life wings and awe-inspiring pride. All over the sky flower xie flower fly, it is difficult to change the youth without regret; Years of spring to spring, the same is still young heart. May we all live in our own spring forever, may we all read the book of spring with our hearts, and keep our own eternal spring... .. ...Accompany, is silent love, accompany, is the most beautiful silence; Accompany, is the song without regret, singing the most beautiful songs. Perhaps in the night, the moon is my confidant, and the light under the silence always makes me quiet and happy. Under the moon, the silence shrouded here, the moonlight with a few pieces of sad, in my sigh, repeated over and over the tune of the ditty, whenever I am lonely, are here to listen to the voice of the month, whenever the wind in the talk, the month, always brighter, the heart, always clearer. A few drops of water through the moon's sadness, my eyes, closely looked at the moon, it, also touching me, our hearts, beating at the same time! Our feelings, talk at the same time! Later, I will sit here every day, let the wind, for me to greet the moon, listening to the light breath of the wind, I silently looked at her, she also quietly looked at me, I was silent, that has not been dried by the wind dew drops down, with the tears of the moon, I sigh, you are a sentence of comfort. Our hearts, there is no distance, only your silence, may smile, I already understand your feelings. The few pieces of quiet cool, diffuse in the air. In the moon, I can always feel dignified, every time I talk to her, I can always feel the warmth, that feeling, is unprecedented, she accompanies me, I accompany her, maybe she will not understand my meaning, but I can understand her sadness, when I smile at her, she is brighter; When I sigh, she is more quiet, when I talk to her, she will let the tree tell me, when I tell her, she will let the wind tell me. Moon, you are waiting for me every night, with a beautiful taste, whenever I encounter all kinds of things, I would like to face you, enjoy the moonlight, the glory, with happiness, with comfort, every time I see you, the trouble will disappear. Accompany, with your loneliness; Accompany, is to give you a warm embrace; Accompany, is to give you shallow greetings; Accompany, is you give me continuous encouragement and comfort; Accompany, is the process of our common growth; Companionship is the warmest word in the world!

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