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by Fabio Baxter 2 years ago in fighting
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Part 1

I watched from afar and I mean there were so many people I could not get as close as I wanted to. People had been talking about it for years and today was the day it was going to happen. The battle of the decade, the final war. Confused bystanders or should I say people who had been living under a rock kept asking the same question over and over. "Who is fighting? Why are they fighting? " One person would get their answer and a few moments later some dumb ass would be asking the same question. Anyway, the stage was set, people were settling in and things began to quiet down as the two fighters began to slowly walk towards each other. It was a battle between Amare and Odio. The two most powerful fighters in the world and no one else came close. Don’t even try and debate me on this because the magnitude of these two fighting could clearly explain how powerful they were compared to anyone else.

First of all, Amare had an interesting way of fighting which defies every single law we know about human nature. His whole goal during a fight was to keep walking forward no matter what. He had never taken a knee or been knocked out or even down. He would just keep coming and coming until you either gave up from exhaustion or you were in such awe a man could endure such pain and suffering and keep coming towards you. Why was he walking forward? He had this ability to make people go insane through touch. He would wrap his hands around you and after a few moments people would do the most insane things. One of the most absurd things I’ve heard about the people he hugged is that he jumped in front of an incoming train and the person he hugged, jumped on the tracks pushed him out of the way and sacrificed their life for his. I mean imagine if someone could wrap his hands around you and made you feel and think that if they were to be in a situation where their life was at stake you gladly give your life so they can keep theirs. IMAGINE THAT!

Enough about Amare, let me tell you about his opponent Odio. Goodness what a man he was. I mean his fighting style was just inhumane on all levels. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s not that he did not care about life or he had been taught to be this way. He literally did not have the mental or any capacity whatsoever to understand what life was and what it meant. His goal was to rip you apart with his bare hands. I say that and you go “yeah okay we’ve heard that before” No…, no…, I mean rip you apart with his bare hands. This is what I loved about this fight. There were no weapons being used and it was simple. You can only use what you came into this world with. Odio did that very well. He once held someone’s jaw open, with his left hand holding the top of their jaw steady and with his right arm straight, placed and rested the carpals of his right hand on the bottom teeth of that persons jaw and began to gradually pushed down as if he was giving CPR. With every downward push, he began to rip that poor souls mouth open bit by bit. He could not even scream anymore. He just shook violently until he went unconscious from the overwhelming amount of pain. Their body couldn’t come to comprehend what was happening.

I believe with the brief background of both these fighters, you can clearly understand why the mass could not wait for this fight. The stage is set, they are now standing about six feet apart and what was very interesting was the fact that they were both smiling at each other. Amare’s smile made you feel okay. His smile told you everything is going to be okay. On the other hand, Odio’s smile made you feel confused. It made you feel as if you were in a dark bathroom trying to stare into the mirror to see yourself…nothing but complete darkness. That is what made it so confusing to me. They both had the same expression but somehow the meaning behind the expressions were clear as day and night. Everyone stood there slightly and not a single word was uttered by the audience nor the fighters. Who is going to move first? Who is going to attack first? We know Amare just walks straight at you but Odio is a man that seeks to rip things in his path, so how is this going to work? Can Amare get close enough and neutralize the hands of Odio? I mean no one knows okay! We are all sitting and standing here trying to figure out what will happen.

Uhm…. Amare is walking forward…shit, shit, shit, here we go. Quick glance back at Odio, he has now slid his left leg behind him and is in his stance. Amare gets close enough for Odio to stick his hand out and firmly place his palm on Amare’s chest. This lets him momentarily stop Amare’s forward movement but also let him know how far away Amare is. After gauging the distance between them, Odio picks up his right leg, pulls his knee into his chest and by timing Amare’s leg strides he anticipated Amare’s left leg would be the next step. “OH!” someone shouts after seeing the heel of Odio slamming into Amare’s patella. The skin behind his knee started to stretch from the bones pressing against it in the wrong direction. Amare just placed each hand on the sides of his leg and snapped his leg back into place, but the tendons and ligaments had been torn. Unfortunately, each step he now took forward, his leg would buckle, and a small limp would follow directly after. Odio went for the same tactic again. He stretched his hand out to gauge the distance, but this time Amare anticipated it. He grabbed Odio’s wrist with both his hand and yanked himself closer to Odio. He then wrapped his hands around Odio and began to hug him. Now you might ask what is so terrifying about a hug? Nothing. What it does is make you feel very still and warm. You can’t move and after a while your shoulders relax, and you just stand there almost limp.

Now because Odio knows this about Amare, he tried to pull himself away before Amare could fully clasp his hands around him. That was a big mistake. In his attempt to break free, he tripped over his own feet, pulling Amare right on top of him with his hands wrapped tightly to his side. Immediately, Odio began to skootch up so he could get closer to Amare’s face. When they were both at eye level, Odio turned his head to the side, scooped the inner lip of Amare with his bottom front teeth, bit down on it as he looked away forcefully to rip the lip away. He failed but Amare’s lip was now split into 3 parts. The part that Odio tried to rip off hanging, dripping blood unto Odio’s forehead. With all this occurring in a moment, they both stare into each other’s eyes and smile. The same smiles we saw at the beginning. One made you feel okay and the other complete darkness.


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Fabio Baxter

African native and Western Adoptee.

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