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4 Reasons Why Baseball is Great for Your Kids

by Sarah Kaminski 2 years ago in baseball
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At one point in their kids’ childhood, it’s time for parents to help them choose a hobby.

At one point in their kids’ childhood, it’s time for parents to help them choose a hobby.

When it comes to sports, the main dilemma is whether to start playing individual or team sports. Both types of sports are good for kids, and each has its unique benefits.

Team sports encourage teamwork, boost physical agility, and yield many other benefits. When it comes to team sports, baseball is a popular option and one of the most popular sports in the USA. Here are four main reasons why you should consider it as a potential sport for your kid.

1. Focused attention

Baseball is not too dynamic a sport, movement-wise. As its name suggests, it revolves around several bases and one ball. During a game of baseball, players either wait at their bases and the home plate for a play or spend time in the dugout (the bench). Since you don’t know when the hitter is going to hit the ball, baseball players sometimes need to stay alert for a long time.

If young children start playing baseball, they will learn how to stay focused. As the number of children with a short attention span is growing, sports like baseball are an interesting option for that matter.

Just make sure that your kid starts playing baseball at the right age, and they will soon feel those benefits.

2. Intensive socialization

Individual sports often put a lot of pressure on children. For instance, tennis and swimming can be mentally demanding because there’s no distribution of responsibility. Instead of being fun, these kinds of hobbies can often become a burden.

On the other hand, team sports, including baseball, provide an opportunity to play with peers and help improve children’s socialization skills.

Since more and more children today spend too much time using social media, this type of sports can make a big difference in establishing a deeper connection with others early on in life.

What’s more, baseball is not a typical team sport because it requires a lot of individual patience and thinking. As such, it can lead to interesting discussions between players after a training session or a game, which is another socializing benefit of baseball.

3. Strong self-reliance

We’ve already mentioned the importance of patience in baseball. Truth be told, it might be frustrating for younger kids from time to time.

However, when they overcome this initial feeling, they will become more independent and self-reliant.

Imagine 12-year olds waiting at their base for the hitter to hit the ball. They need to observe the home plate carefully, both the pitcher and the hitter, as well as other players. It’s both a physical and psychological process. They learn how to wait for things to happen and how to react to them swiftly. With a higher level of independence and responsibility, their self-reliance develops.

And to top it all off, it’s still a team sport, so you learn how to be independent within a group.

4. Healthy lifestyle

Obesity, spine conditions, and various physical issues stemming from a lack of movement are common issues for modern kids. They sit a lot in school, and they don’t play sports as much as older generations used to.

Baseball helps kids keep their bodies active, but in a non-aggressive, low-intensity way. On the other hand, sports like football, soccer, and even basketball include a lot of contact. As a result, children can suffer various injuries.

Even though some baseball moves require physical contact, such as blocking the plate, it’s mainly a contactless sport. This significantly reduces the risk of injury, which is important for young children and their parents.

Still, children need proper equipment to ensure they stay safe from injuries and accidents on the field. This includes durable helmets, knee and elbow pads, and well designed baseball bats.

Final word

Baseball will improve your children’s mental focus. If they replace screens with a bat and a ball, they will activate some other brain regions as well.

Also, they’ll be part of a group, which is vital for the development of their social skills. While young baseball players become more independent, they still seek solutions within their team, which adds to their socialization.

Finally, baseball will ensure a lot of physical activity, but with a reduced risk of injuries.

For all these reasons, parents should let their kids play this game and see why it’s great for their general wellbeing.


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