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My Experience in stocks so far.

by Dallas Robitille 9 months ago in stocks

A perspective from a newbie.

My Experience in stocks so far.
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Hello there, My name is Dallas. I am a relatively new investor to the stock market and I’d like to share my perspective and experience and thoughts so far. I’m coming up on my official 2 year anniversary of my first investment on February 1st, or rather the day I opened my brokerage account in 2019.My first actual purchase was on February 5th of 2019. It was a small stock for 6.14 USD at the time. Honestly, it hasn’t really moved from there.

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In fact my first year of stocks I was down but not really moving anywhere. I understood stocks to a small degree but not nearly as well as I do now. Honestly, I’m no expert and there’s so much more knowledge out there I need to grasp. So, Anyways, I was pretty much a flat line for most of 2019. I did dip down further and then back up for a bit. The main problem I had was truthfully, I wasn’t actively managing my money. I didn’t understand that percentage return is everything as well as continually adding new funds to your account. I had stalled out at 200 USD and my 150 USD account showed it. I honestly stayed this way for much of 2020 too. I did throw in 1000 USD here and let that sit. Making a little money off dividends.

Out of nowhere, I decided to learn to read the candlestick charts on youtube. I watched many videos of this guy named RaynerTeo. He’s from singapore and he really breaks down how to read the charts along with his catchy intro “Hey, Hey What’s up?My friend!”

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Now, This guy didn’t tell me how to trade, he told me how to read. For the first time my mind had opened to a see the stock market in a whole new light. I made huge gains shortly after I started putting my new knowledge into practice. I had 3690 USD invested and I ended up with an account Balance of 5600 USD in a matter of 3 Months. This is up to today in January of 2021.

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This Whole Experience has been one of uncertainty for me. Almost 2 Years ago this whole thing was fresh, and scary. I think I’m getting pretty used to it. I have a handle on it now that I never thought I would. I also know for certain that I have so much more to learn. I’m still a young and fairly new investor compared to others in the field. I’m excited to join their ranks and here comes the 2nd year mark of my journey. I’m very excited to see what my future looks like in the stock market. Will I continue to be generally successful? Or will I not be able to handle the changing market.

Now keep in mind I am in no way suggesting I am an expert or will ever be one. I simply wanted to share my thoughts and perspective on the market being a new trader. I only ever hear from big time successful traders. So I'm sharing my experience to maybe not be alone and let others know they're not alone in being new. No one taught me. I learned from YouTube and self trial and error. To be honest I was even nervous to set up my Robinhood account. No one told me how to do any of this.

Stay tuned and I’ll continue to provide updates on my continually growing experience in the world of stocks. Maybe I'll even share my adventures in Drop shipping. I'm only just starting there!

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Dallas Robitille

Plays guitar, Trades stocks, seeks knowledge and now writes on Vocal. I'm just a person though.

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