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How Weed Stocks Are Getting Millennials to Invest

by Erik Pasquale 3 years ago in stocks

Hype, easy access, and changing attitudes are getting Millennials to buy up weed stocks.

American Millennials have the impossible task of saving the world from Trump, climate change, and obnoxious editorials written by Baby Boomers. And they're doing it while in debt, living at home, and under the ever present anxiety that their futures are going to be spent both literally under-water because of rising sea levels, and figuratively because of whatever the next entirely preventable economic crisis will be.

So, Millennials smoke weed, and it's in the haze of the chronic that it occurs to them that, hey, weed stocks are a good investment. This is the story of how weed stocks are getting millennials to invest.

Millennials smoke weed.

Millennials are the generation most comfortable with marijuana. They're the generation that grew up most likely to smoke. And smoking weed is what the cool and uncool kids had in common in high school. So it stands to reason that they'd follow their passions into the stock market as well and buy weed stocks.

Weed stocks are a sure bet.

Millennials already know recreational marijuana is popular and that medical marijuana is effective. It's rare that the product you're going to invest in has been as heavily market tested as ganja. That makes pot stocks a sure bet.

Legalization is coming.

More and more states are legalizing marijuana and Canada is on track to do the same. That means the possibility of being a weed stock millionaire is always on the horizon. Millennials know the value of being early adopters and want to get in on the ground floor of what looks like a sure thing.

Buying weed stocks is activist investing.

Although there's a racial divide amongst millennials as to the importance of racism, there's enough consensus among the group that plenty of people are investing in weed stocks in part because they believe it is a net social good to end the war on drugs. Additionally, many Millennials know that medical marijuana is a less addictive form of pain management than opioids.

Apps make buying cannabis stocks easy.

Millennials are a technologically savvy generation. So with the advent of apps like Robinhood and Stash making investing more accessible and even fun why not just dabble in weed stocks? Marijuana is already on the Millennial mind for a variety of reasons, so if pressed to make an investment decision, it's no surprise marijuana biotech stocks come to mind.

There's a lot of hype around pot stocks.

Cannabis stocks get more play than Young Metro. If you're talking finance, it's "weed weed weed; blockchain blockchain blockchain." So if you're a Millennial looking to get started in trading, the websites you're likely to read are going to direct you toward pot stocks. It's just where the investing world's head's at.

Social media makes it seem like anyone can strike it rich.

When you browse Insta and check out all the fintech bros striking it rich, it seems like anyone can be a young money pot millionaire. After all, there's nothing special about these tech bros. Some techbros even drink untreated water, which might actually make them dumber than most people. So why not you? WHY NOT YOU?!

Millennials want to start saving money.

Millennials watched as a lot of people's life savings got lost in the housing crisis. And too many Millennials are drowning in student loan debt. As a result, many Millennials are living at home with their parents just to get by or to not stick their necks so far out they get their heads chopped off by an unstable market. Weed stocks, then, present a potential way out for many. Or at least a way to not end up with nothing to their names when they turn 40.

Baby Boomers love writing articles about how lazy Millennials are even though Millennials were born into a world wrecked by the policies of Baby Boomers. Cutting taxes, ignoring climate change, and giving us both Bush and Trump, just the image of White Baby Boomers is enough to inspire Millennials to buy up weed stocks out of spite. How 'bout they stick that in their pipes and smoke it?!

They got high and forgot they bought stocks.

Who hasn't smoked too much cheeba and accidentally ordered Seamless that they forgot about, or a bunch of weed stocks? At least instead of soggy fries, you might have a sound investment!

Erik Pasquale
Erik Pasquale
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